It is only this past year that I have really gotten into podcasts & I fully understand the love people have for them. HOWEVER, I have noticed that I am quite picky when it comes to podcasts I enjoy listening to. I like really chilled out podcasts you can quite happily listen to in the background whilst you do other things, or whilst I walk with the pram or to work.


I discovered this a week or two ago whilst browsing the Podcast app on the top charts section. I have been a fan of Fearne Cotton since way back in the day when she did presenting on a children’s tv show DIGGIT. *Side note: does anyone else remember Diggit?! I bloody loved it.

She recently released a podcast loosely following on from her book series, which is all about being happy & clearing your mind. Her podcast Happy Place follows Fearne as she interviews different celebrities from all walks of life in their “happy place”, asking them lots of interesting questions, discussing what makes them happy & how they manage their mental health. She meets a whole range of celebrities including film stars, sports personalities & Youtubers. My favourite episode thus far is one of her more recent ones with Natalie Dormer!


This is my most recent podcast discover after seeing somebody tweet about a recent episode with Jodie Comer who I absolutely LOVE. Jodie Cromer, if you don’t know played the mistress in Doctor Foster, the main character in a BBC3 mini series Thirteen (highly recommend watching!!!) and more recently she starred in Killing Eve with one of my ultimate girl crushes, Sandra Oh (she is my spirit animal as Christina in Grey’s Anatomy!).

The podcast is hosted by Line of Duty star (another show I can’t recommend enough!) Craig Parkinson. Each week he sits down with a different guest to discuss the highs & lows of becoming & being an actor.


I have been a huge fan of this podcast since it launched in 2017! It is hosted by two online creators that I love – Lily Pebbles & Anna Newton. What I enjoy most about this podcast is that it really feels like they are chatting to a friend when they are interviewing their different guests. They have interviewed a whole range of people from skincare royalty Liz Earle to Clemmie Hooper who is a midwife, mother & blogger (highly recommend her Instagram page @mother_of_daughters)

I love listening to this podcast whilst I am tidying up, cooking or blogging. It is perfect for playing in the background as it’s so relaxing & chilled.

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