moving away

Moving away from where I grew up never really crossed my mind until I had Teddy. It made me really start to think about all the other lovely places we could live, explore & make our own.


We recently went on a day out to Cheshire and both me & A agreed that we could definitely move there one day – when we win the lottery LOL. One thing however that we need to take into account is moving with a toddler. Just the thought fills me with a slight dread. The first thing i’d be doing is finding myself some removal companies! Help to ease some of the stress.

My Sister is determined that once her children have grown up, she will be emigrating to Spain – which sounds bliss. I would absolutely love to live abroad, possibly just for a year though, I could never do it indefinitely as I would 1000% miss my family too much! France & Spain are definitely the top of my list when it comes to living abroad for 12 months but international removal costs are CRAY.

If it ever came to moving away & we were dead set on the idea, i’d have to convince my family to come with me. I am such a home bird and really, really close to my family so the idea of moving more than 30 minutes away from them just isn’t something I could do.

Would you ever move away from where you grew up? If you have ever moved with a toddler, how painful was it? LOL.

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