It has been five years (I think…) since we bought our first home & whilst we may still a ways to go before it is perfect (I aint made of moula and sometimes, read as: the majority of the time, we like to go on holiday instead! Priorities people. We have come so far in our home renovation & whereas we don’t necessarily see the changes, my sister & mum pointed out that it looks like a completely different house.

To give you a brief rundown of our first home when we bought it; the kitchen was made of a horrible green plastic, there was no central heating, it needed new electrics & there were wooden planks covering half the dining room. I mean, we did agree that we wanted a renovation project but at times it felt like we built off more than we could chew!


This was probably one of the biggest costs as we needed to start from scratch! Our house is a very old terraced stone cottage & I think the man who lived here before us just used electric heaters but we knew that wouldn’t work for us, so we decided to get central heating throughout the whole house. That includes radiators and the pipe work. When it comes to pricing up your central heating don’t forget to factor in boiler cost. The hardest thing about getting any jobs done around your house is finding someone for the job! You hear so many horror stories about people being ripped off by tradesman – which we unfortunately have (fucking plasterer). We got quite a few quotes as central heating installation costs can vary.. quite a lot it would seem. We tend to go for the middle group price mark, no the cheapest but also not the most expensive!


My favourite project when we bought our first home was definitely the kitchen. We completely ripped everything out; the kitchen, the tiles, the flooring..everything! I always knew I wanted a sort of countryside/cottage style kitchen, so we opted for wooden cream cupboards & a thick oak wood worktop. We also have a huge ceramic white sink (I did want a Belfast sink but they don’t recommend them with wooden worktops as they can ruin them overtime.) We also have laminate oak floors running through the kitchen & dining room, that just finishes it off perfectly.


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