3 Reasons Why Sleep Quality Is Essential For Good Health

People often overlook how much sleep, or a lack of it, can have an effect on their lives. Poor sleep not only leaves you a shell of yourself, but could have far reaching health consequences. Instead of looking at ways to improve your diet, or looking for medical assistance, more people could benefit from improving their sleep quality. In this article, we’re going to give you some of the reasons good sleep could improve your overall health.

Better Memory

Did you know that good sleep could have a direct influence on your long and short term memory? Several studies have shown that during deep sleep, the brain actually organizes memories and integrates them. So poor sleep could lead to you not consolidating your memories correctly and losing them.

In addition, poor sleep could increase the chances of you forming false memories as well. In one particular study, people were asked to memorize a series of words. Those who had poor sleep had a higher tendency to “remember” words that weren’t present. So, if you don’t want to create false memories, make sure that you get your mandatory seven to eight hours of sleep every night.

Lower Risk of Disease

While we often correlate many health disorders with poor life habits, not many are aware that poor sleep could elevate your risk of developing disorders like heart seizures, disease, obesity and diabetes.

The issue is that the effects of poor sleep often compound over time, which contributes to a higher risk of developing these diseases. However, in some cases, the effects can be almost immediate. In one particular study that was conducted on ten healthy young adults, the participants showed higher glucose levels after only four days of sleep deprivation.

Better Mood Regulation

We’re not saying that getting your eight hours of sleep will cure all mood disorders, but not having enough sleep will definitely increase the chances of you experiencing mood swings. Without proper sleep, you’ll have much less tolerance to stress and increase the chances of you snapping at your boss, coworkers, or members of your family.

Make Lifestyle Changes to Improve Sleep

The good news is that you can make many lifestyle changes to improve the quality of your sleep. One of the first things you could do is shut off all screens and devices at least an hour before going to bed and go for a good book instead. Making sure that you don’t consume high calories food items or caffeine in any form before bed is also very important. And you should make sure that your room and especially your mattress are conducive to sleep. As explained by Mattress Nerd, the best mattress should be one that will provide you with the proper balance of support and comfort. This way, the mattress will allow your spine to be perfectly aligned by properly contouring the shape of your body.

Sleep is much more important than just feeling refreshed in the morning. Lack of sleep could have repercussions on every part of your body, and making sure that you get proper sleep is just the first step in living a healthier life.

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