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Now we have Teddy, Christmas is all about him. Our lives are all about him. As it should be, but it is so easy to forget about your significant other and making them feel special & loved. Our lives are so busy and consumed by a tiny dictator that we sometimes can go days without so much as a hug! I thought I would share my top date night ideas, with a winter theme!

01. Build gingerbread houses & decorate them together.

02. Play a old school board game together – make it fun with a prize!

03. Make your own chocolate fondue. Throw some dipping fruit, marshmallows & little doughnuts into the mix.. YUM

04. Go ice skating together – me & A did this a lot before Teddy. We were shit but it was always good fun.

05. Go on a Groupon date! I say Groupon because there are all kinds of random things on there that cost next to nothing! Whether it’s a cooking class or a dance lesson!

06. Book a spa day – treat yourselves to a little pamper & relax, lord knows it’s needed at this time of year!

07. Go sledging

08. Go for a night away – I always love the idea of spending the night in a log cabin, with it’s own hot tub.

09. Decorate the Christmas tree together. Me & A have done the tree together every year since we have lived together. We make a whole “thing” of it. Bucks Fizz, Christmas music… I love it

10. Host a party for close friends & everyone has to bring a dish to eat – we do this every year as a “pre-Christmas Christmas” with our best friends.

11. Bake some Christmas treats – we did this recently as a family!

12. Go to a local pub quiz night. We are shit at these too but so much fun. Especially with friends.

13. Have a cosy night in with a Christmas film & a festive cocktail

14. Have an indoor picnic. We do this a lot, with loads of party foods on the floor of the living room!

15. Go through photos of the past year together! We have so many as a family due to lots of holidays and days out. I love looking through them all.

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