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This is one of my new favourite Christmas traditions! We started last year when Teddy was seven months old and I was so excited for this year with him being that little bit older. He gets really excited over things and has genuine interests. I thought I would share with you the things we have included in this years box, to help give you ideas of what your little might like to see in theirs. 


We got the Christmas Eve box from a small businesses on Instagram “@decorwithloveuk”, I have loved her page for a while, lots of gorgeous wooden decorations for nurseries/kids bedrooms so when these popped up on my feed in the middle of July as a pre-order, I knew I had to have one! She has a few colours to pick from but I decided to go for the classic red box with gold writing. You can also personalise the box with your children’s name, we put Teddy’s full name on his, which a lot of people forget his name is actually Theodore! We always do this with special personalised items. 


What small child doesn’t love a soft toy? If you’ve read my blog recently you will know that Teddy has a new obsession with Mickey Mouse so when it came to picking him a soft toy for his Christmas Eve box, I knew he needed a Christmas Mickey. I picked this one up from the official Disney Shop during their Black Friday sale, but it is currently even cheaper at just £8.49 and you can personalise for free! We are going to pick up the Christmas Minnie next year I think…


Last year we got Teddy one of the “That’s Not My…” books which he loves but the past couple of months he has been reaching for the same book which is by Campbell Books, they have push, pull & spin mechanisms and he loves the dinosaur one he has now, so when I spotted on Amazon that they had a Christmas one, I knew we had to get it. Busy Christmas follows two children on Christmas Eve preparing for the big day. 


Is it really Christmas without a little bit of a edible treat?! NO. The same as last year, we have opted to give Teddy a tube of the Milky Bar Buttons, which he loves! I know some people don’t like giving their little ones chocolate so maybe add in some festive themed homemade treats.


Everyone loves new pyjamas at Christmas time! Teddy has a couple of pairs this year, including a few baby grows from Next (think dinosaurs sledging with Father Christmas hats on LOL) but he was kindly bought some gorgeous elf pyjamas from a lady I work with – who completely spoils him. There’s nothing I love more on Christmas Eve than all having showers, putting our clean pyjamas on and watching a Christmas film. 


Teddy has an obsession with cups – especially ones with straws so when I spotted this one in Home Bargains for £1.99, I grabbed it. It’s quite thick plastic so it’s really sturdy & the straw is also really easy to for him to use.


This is a brand new addition to the Christmas Eve box & it is a personalised letter from Father Christmas. I ordered Teddy’s from Festive Studio and you can personalise it so much! Their name, their age in December, the name of a friend etc. so when the letter arrives it is really personal to them. Which I think makes it more magic. You can also add some little extras such as stickers, a magic key or even reindeer food. They also have an option to add a Christmas themed story book which I think is so lovely!

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  • Rinica

    Loved reading this! I’ve kind of gone for similar things the only difference been his DVD and we have chocolate coins instead of buttons love how I went for what I like rather than him (he’d definitely prefer milky buttons ?) I love Christmas Micky I think I could go crazy on the Disney website I just want to buy everything ?

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