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Losing a loved one is easily one of, if not the most emotional thing you can go through in your life. It’s something that no-one can ever quite be prepared for and you never really know how you will cope and get through it. Finding ways to get through the motions, especially during those first few days and weeks after the loss can be incredibly difficult, and it can seem as though you will never feel okay again. While there are a number of techniques and steps you can use to help deal with your loss and grief, one thing that can be incredibly helpful is to find a way to memorialize your loved one.

Memorializing a loved one gives you a chance to does something special for them, to show your love, and provide a way that their memory and being can live on. Here are just a few ways that you can go about memorializing a loved one, and in turn, help you to get through the grieving process.

Cremation Options

If your loved one has requested their remains to be cremated then you have a couple of different avenues you can take that will memorialize them. You can take the traditional route and pick out a cremation urn that you can then keep in your house or use to spread their ashes in the location they requested. Many of these urns are quite unique and special, so you can pick something that really speaks to you and symbolizes your loved one.

Another option is to look into cremation jewelry. As Baldwin Brothers, a funeral and cremation service in Florida point out on their website, with jewelry, you’ll actually be able to keep them with you at all times. You can pick out one of their pendants and then some of the loved one’s ashes will be placed inside it. It’s a very personal way to go about memorializing them.

Put Together a Charity Event in the Loved One’s Name

Another great option is to put together a charity event in your loved one’s name. You can pick an event that they enjoyed and then make it a fundraiser. Funds can then be distributed to a cause or organization your loved one supported. You can do it as a one-time event or make it a yearly event.

Get a Tattoo

For those who are a bit bolder, you can always design a tattoo that depicts your loved one or something about them, a special date, their initials, a symbol that was unique to them, etc.

Plant a Tree in Their Honor

A more understated way to go about memorializing a loved one is to plant a tree in their honor. As you watch that tree grow and stand tall year after year, you can be reminded of the strength your loved one also had.

Just a Small Look

This is just a very small look at the many ways you can go about memorializing a loved one when they pass away, all of which can help you to move forward and cope a little better.

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