If you read my blog this time last year you will already have seen a post very similar to this, where I shared all the Christmas books currently in Teddy’s collection. However we have made a few additions this year and I think these are my new favourites. The majority of these books are available on Amazon, so perfect for any last minute gifts. I thought I would show you the books I have picked up recently & give you a brief synopsis of each.



“Dearest little Mia,
This Christmas, instead of a Christmas card – you’ll have plenty of those – and instead of a present – you’ll have plenty of those too, I am sending you a letter . . .

Every Christmas Mia and her family read a letter which her Grandpa wrote to her. His letter is a warm, impassioned and heartfelt wish for a better world for Mia to live in. He remembers fondly the times they spent in his garden finding frogs and worms and planting seeds.

But Grandpa worries that all the things they love so much are in danger . . .
His letter is a hopeful plea to Mia (and to all of us) to continue to care for and protect our precious world.”

PLEASE NOTE*- I cried reading this. To myself. It is beautiful and if you buy any of these books, make it this one!


“When Josephine leaves the shoe shop after buying some new running shoes, she hears an unusual sound – Click-click! Click-click! A bear with a backpack is following her! Luckily for Josephine, her new shoes are anything but ordinary – these are magic shoes. But can they help her escape the bear when there’s a mountain, a bog and even a lake in her way?”

This book has gorgeous illustrations, they are all textured and glittery. Teddy loves feeling the pages as I read.


“Join Teddy on a dreamy adventure from outer space to the bottom of the sea, from the wild jungle to the big city, and everywhere in between. Discover shooting stars, playful penguins, forgotten pirate ships, and all creatures great and small. Who will you meet, what will you see, and where will you go next? Find out in ‘Where Next, Teddy?’ from Chapterful.”

What I love most about this book is that you can not only personalise it to include your child’s name, but you can also pick their gender, hair colour, whether or not they have glasses! It’s amazing. You can also include a personalised message, so we included one about it being his second Christmas. The plan is to write a message in a new book every year so when he is bigger, he will have a whole collection. He has one from his first Christmas and now this one…


“Claire Fennell s unique, collage illustrations bring this story to life, mixing quirky patterns with characters that children will love. Twas the Night Before Christmas is a festive twist on a classic story that is perfect to read to young children during the holiday season!”


“The First Christmas is a wonderful retelling of a classic festive story with charming illustrations. Every page showcases delightful full-page artwork, illustrated by Yorgos Sgouros, packed with charm and detail that will enthral young children.”

This book is also lovely & glittery so perfect for younger children & toddlers as they will enjoy feeling the illustrations, they are really eye-catching. I shared this one on my post last year but it is one that we will reach for time & time again, as it teaches children about the story of Jesus.






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