What To Pack In Your Disneyland Paris Park Bag?

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It is no secret that I am a rucksack/backpack girl. We even opted for a rucksack style changing bag when we were expecting Teddy. I just find them so much more practical, especially when trying to juggle a pram, a baby & a bag full of a million things (or so it feels like) – we have since downsized Teddy’s changing bag to a much smaller option but we have still stuck with the backpack one from Skiphop to be exact.

When it came to packing for our Disney trip I knew we would need a practical bag that we’d be able to wear with ease, have access to everything we needed without having to rifle through a big bag but it still be a decent enough size that we could carry all that we needed to.

We chose to stick with his usual changing bag as we love it so much & it is just a handy size. Not too bulky for taking on rides but we managed to fit in everything we needed. I thought I would share with you everything we took in our park bag for both us & Teddy, for day to day use.



Money: Obviously. We chose to take our euros in cash but I know a lot of people have started using the travel money cards. Whichever you choose, just don’t forget it. We carried all our cash with us but I know others divide their money over days so they have a set budget for each day to spend & only take that out with them- whatever works for you!

Lanyard/Tickets: Again, another obvious one but please do not forget your tickets! I bought a lanyard off Ebay before we went for £3, which compared to the 10 euro plus price tag in the parks, it worked out so much cheaper. I would highly recommend a lanyard as you can keep your tickets together and we also kept our fast passes in it. You can either wear it around your neck or keep it in your bag but it will be easy enough to grab out as it is easily noticeable.

Passport/I.D: In France it is actually a requirement for you to carry I.D on you at all times! We have never been asked for ours but it is better safe than sorry. We just took our driving licenses because we didn’t really want to be carrying our passports out with us.

Portable Chargers/Spare Batteries: Taking photos & videos on your phone can be extremely draining on your battery, especially if you have an iPhone. You just need to look at it & you drain 20%. You’ll also need your phone for the Disneyland Paris app (which has the ride & Princess Pavilion queue times).

First Aid Kit: I have a little kit made up for whenever we travel away from home, it carries a small selection of various lotions & potions that include; Calpol sachets, teething gel, thermometer, plasters, antiseptic cream, paracetamol & Imodium (you just never know when a dodgy tum is gonna hit). It’s always better to have this ready to go, rather than panicking to find a chemist.

For Teddy

Nappies & Wipes: Another obvious one. You really don’t want to be caught short with these because I can imagine they will be extortionate in the parks or nearby.

Spare Clothes: We all know accidents happen so it’s better to be prepared!

Juice & Cup: We always carry round the little Robinsons squeezy cordials with us, so all we need to do is buy a bottle of water & make up our own juice. This saved us a fortune in the parks because let me tell you – drinks aren’t exactly cheap. (A bottle of Coke 3 euros 70 in the parks, but only 1 euro 50 in the nearby shopping mall!). We also weren’t sure what sort of drinks they would have suitable for Teddy. It turns out it was fresh juice which he doesn’t really like & we tend to water that down anyway! We took Teddy’s Munchkin 360 cup as it doesn’t leak.

Sun Cream: Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. We learnt this! I checked the weather up until the morning we were leaving & it was apparently going to rain on & off. Turns out it was 26+ degrees the entire time! Luckily I had packed some t-shirts but one thing I hadn’t packed was sun protection. I am not bothered about me, but I hate the idea of Teddy burning. I would pack a little travel size with you, just incase.

Extra Layers: With that being said, you never know when it will get chilly (which it did at night during the illuminations) so I would always pack an extra jumper or light jacket. Obviously if you are going in the middle of winter than take all the damn layers you can!

Snacks: I always kept these at hand especially when waiting in any ride queues, which luckily we never had to wait too long (fifteen minutes was our longest wait the entire trip), it works out much cheaper than keep buying food in the parks. If your little one is anything like Teddy, then they will go from 0-hangry in 0.5 seconds so it’s always good to have a selection of snacks ready!

I hope this post has helped, don’t feel like you need to carry a plethora of crap with you, because you’ll end up not needing half of it and taking up space in your bag that can be used for merchandise…





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