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2018 has been an amazing year for travelling! If you have read any of my previous travel posts from this year you will know that we have visited Greece, Wales & Disneyland over the past five months and we have loved exploring new places & taking Teddy along with us. Travelling is one of our favourite things to do and we have a whole list of places & countries we would like to visit. We already have our summer holiday booked for next year and we have also just booked our annual Haven holiday, which I am really excited about. I thought I would share with you some of our top choices, both new destinations and some we would love to revisit.



This is somewhere we have already visited but would LOVE to go back. I was very early pregnant with Teddy when we went for my Sister’s wedding in 2016 and due to the exhaustion and constant nausea I don’t feel that I really got to enjoy the holiday as much. Cyprus is BEAUTIFUL. We stayed in Paphos and we would definitely go back to the same area, the beaches & the harbour are amazing and it’s amazing for children. Teddy would love it. We stayed in October and the weather was perfect, really sunny & hot without being over-baring. If you are looking for deals on villa’s which are fab for big families to all stay together, I highly recommend checking out clickstay villas in Cyprus.


I know we have already been to Paris (five years ago) & Disneyland (October 2018) but I would love to go to a camp site in the much quieter, countryside parts of France. I would love to drive over ourselves and make a whole little road trip out of it, we will probably wait until Teddy is older as I know driving all that way is no easy task but it is something we would love to do! I am currently on the Eurocamp website and it looks so much fun.


I have only been to mainland Spain once (we usually opt for Majorca which is my favourite holiday destination ever!) but I definitely want to explore more of the mainland. We are actually going to Salou in September with all my family and I can’t bloody wait. Cyprus was amazing but now we have Teddy (who will be almost 2.5 years old when we go) I am even more excited. Teddy loves being with his cousins so the idea of them swimming & splashing together makes my heart so happy. He’s going to love it. We are staying in a big family friendly hotel but we love the idea of staying in the clickstay villas in Spain.


A isn’t as keen on this destination but I would love to go! I’ve seen so many photos and YouTube vlogs recently sharing how amazing Dubai looks and it is near the top of my list of travel destinations. The hotels look amazing, really child friendly which is incredibly important now when it comes to booking holidays. Teddy has to be catered for & be able to really enjoy himself.


This is somewhere I have visited A LOT & I love it more and more every time I go. We have stayed in Edinburgh which I absolutely love and would love to go back, but we have also been to much quieter areas near the Lochs which I think I actually prefer. They are so picturesque and peaceful. Aaron has never actually been, as I usually go with my Mum (who is a hardcore Scotland lover like me LOL) but I haven’t been since having Teddy and I am determined to go with A & Teddy, hopefully next year!


I haven’t been to Cornwall since I was really young with my family, but it has been on my list for a while! We have just booked to visit Cornwall – overlooking St Ives – with Haven Holidays who we absolutely love to stay with. We’ve been every year since Teddy was born and it is definitely a new tradition of ours. We were slightly worried about the drive down but we are planning on staying over half way down, the night before (maybe Bath – somewhere else I’ve really wanted to visit) and then doing the same on the way home. Just to help break it all up a little bit.

I would love to know which destinations are on your travel bucket list? Is there anywhere in particular you have loved visiting – especially with children? I’d love to know.





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