Toddler’s 18 Month Update |

Toddler's 18 Month Update

I can’t quite believe I have an 18 month old – actually, some days I can’t believe I have a kid full stop. It’s been a LONG time since I did an update for Teddy. His last update was actually back in February, ten months ago!  It’s crazy how much has changed since then. I mean, he wasn’t even crawling them! Now he’s a toddler on a fully fledged mission who runs quicker than I can keep up with. He was only on two meals a day with the odd snack – he now eats more than I do & if he had his way he would eat pretty much all day. He also only had six teeth whereas he now has almost a full set! Having a 18 month old is a whole new ball game, I thought the newborn days were hard but by Christ – nothing makes you wanna turn to drink quite like a diva who throws a tantrum over the smallest of things. He fully knows his own mind, exactly what he wants & when he wants it. Get it wrong and you are in for a world of screaming, rolling round on the floor, bitch fits.


The biggest change since Teddy’s last update is that we are fully over co-sleeping, he won’t even entertain the idea of snuggling in bed anymore! I just get a swift thump round the head and a leg thrown over the side of me trying to climb out. I actually really do miss it. So much more than I thought I would. That’s the craziest thing about parenthood. Something you ware wishing to end is actually one of the things you will miss the most when it is over.

He now does the full night in his own bedroom, with USUALLY just one wake up. However we are in the midst of the 18 month sleep regression and he can wake up two or three times, sometimes for a couple of hours. He has also taken to waking up ready for the day between 4 & 5am, which is an absolute killer.

The early mornings I can just about deal with – if i’m extremely tired i’ll nap when he does but usually I just go to bed early. I know I know – hardcore.

A lot of people ask how we stopped co-sleeping and really it was a case of timing. We tried Teddy in his room from six months & it was a straight up ‘hell no’, we tried him again at 10 months and he would do the start of the night in his room then come in with us from about 2/3am-ish. He didn’t start doing a full night in his own room until he was about 13 months. I’m personally not a fan of sleep training or the “cry it out” method, each to their own but me & Aaron both agreed it wasn’t for us. Co-sleeping has been amazing for us, we didn’t have an issue with sharing our bed with Teddy and we would do it again when we have another baby, in a heartbeat. If it means we all get some sleep, you bet your ass we are gonna do it.

One thing that hasn’t changed & I can’t see doing anytime soon, is that I am still breastfeeding! I’m happy. Teddy is happy. Which is all that matters. I do get the odd “oh are you STILL feeding? When do you think you will stop?”.. but I just let them go over my head.

As I mentioned, we are currently in the midst of tantrum hell and I was not prepared. I understand it must be so frustrating when they can’t communicate properly or express themselves but jesus, it is too much. He goes from being happy as anything to screaming in frustrating the next, and when you can’t work out what is wrong.. well it isn’t going to end well.

One big change that has come with Teddy’s age is his love for independent play! He actually prefers to play alone than with anything, which I can’t decide if i’m glad about LOL. It’s great when i’m trying to get things done around the house but it would be nice if he didn’t grab the toy out my hand so he can play by himself.

My favourite thing this month is that Teddy is now a huge book lover! He has his firm favourites so we do end up reading his In The Night Garden Iggle Piggle book about fifteen times in a row, but it’s so nice that he comes and snuggles next to you whilst we read. I absolutely love books so I am extremely happy at his new love. He also has a new obsession with Disney, in particular Mickey Mouse which is the cutest thing ever – so I feel like i’m doing a top job as a parent.


I am going to try and post these small updates more often, maybe every couple of months! I’d love to know how old your little one is, also if you have any advice on how to deal with tantrums that don’t involve necking a bottle of wine before 12pm, that’d be GREAT.


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