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Teddy's Meal Essentials

If you have been following me for a while you will know that when it came to weaning Teddy at six months, we went down the baby led weaning route & I honestly can’t recommend it enough! It has worked amazingly for us and I have shared a lot of our journey on my blog; including my tips & tricks, meals plans etc which I think you will find really useful if you are thinking about weaning or just started weaning your little one.

I am such a sucker for watching people’s food hauls, meal plans and “come shop with me” so I thought I would share with you our food shopping essentials & the things we always like to have in our kitchen for Teddy’s snacks & meals.


FRUIT; Bananas, satsumas, apples (a new love of his!), watermelon (I buy these ready sliced), blueberries & grapes.

VEG; Corn on the cob, mixed veg, peas, broccoli, green beans (all frozen!) peppers, cucumber, cherry tomatoes & mushrooms.

FRIDGE; Little Yeos yoghurts, dairylea spread, cheese, ham slices, chicken thighs (or any ready to eat chicken), dairylea dunkers, Little Dish ready meal, small pizza, fruit shoots (for when we go out & about) & whole milk.

STORE CUPBOARD; Porridge oats, pasta, white bread, jam, wholemeal pitta breads, quavers, pom bears, tinned tomatoes, tomato puree, mayonnaise, pasta & sauce packet, beans, spaghetti & eggs.

SNACK CUPBOARD; Raisins, yoghurt covered fruit drops, kinder Bueno mini chocolate bars, white chocolate buttons, Kiddylicious fruity bars, Bear “Dino Paws” fruit shapes.

FREEZER; Fish fingers, turkey dinosaurs, potato & carrot mini waffles (I get these from Asda), Claudi & Fin frozen greek yoghurt ice lollies & jacket potatoes (so much quicker than cooking fresh ones FYI)

I obviously buy fresh meat every week for our meals – but it can vary from week to week. Meats we do tend to buy every week are chicken breasts, 5% fat mince & sausages. However for example this week we bought some lamb leg for a recipe & a gammon joint. We also buy a bag of white potatoes to make our own wedges & mash. YUM.

We always have no-added sugar squash in & he’ll either drink that or water throughout the day. He tends to have some cows milk in a morning but he is still breastfed throughout the day.


I hope you found this post helpful if you are beginning to wean & want a little insight into what is in Teddy’s cupboards.


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