As I mentioned in my Disneyland Highlights post, there were so many rides suitable for Teddy. More than I thought there would be. There is definitely more options in the Disneyland Park rather than Disney Studios, but it is definitely worth visiting both parks to get your fill. The main park is split into sections or “lands” – Fantasyland, Discoveryland, Frontierland, Adventureland & Main Street USA. When it comes to the best toddler rides, Fantasyland is where you want to head! We spent the majority of our time there, enjoying all the rides & there are also a few restaurants and snack bars dotted throughout. I thought it would be really useful to put together a list/guide of all the Disneyland rides suitable for under 2’s.




  • It’s A Small World – sure the tune may be stuck in your head for the five hours after you’ve been on the ride but the little’s LOVE it. The singing, dancing & bright colours are so exciting for them.
  • Peter Pan’s Flight – One of my favourite rides of the entire trip! We did get fast passes for this which I would HIGHLY recommend as the wait time was well over an hour at one point just before lunch. It is an indoor ride, you sit on a pirate ship and it flies you over different sceneries from the film. It’s amazing. Teddy loved it!
  • Dumbo – Teddy really enjoyed this one because he could control how high we went with the little lever. You also get an amazing view of the entire Fantasyland due to the ride going round in circles!
  • Carrousel – Self explanatory but this is great for all ages as you can either sit in the little carriages or on a horse. They do have seatbelts for children, which we made sure Teddy was wearing but A also held him, whilst I was on the horse next to him. Not wanting to miss out on the fun LOL.
  • Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups – The tea cups are my favourite ride of all time! Teddy is a little thrill-seeker so the faster we span the better!
  • Le Pays des Contes – Basically it’s a little cruise boat that through Storybook land and has scenes from Snow White, Hansel & Gretel, Little Mermaid and lots more.
  • Casey Jr. – Perfect if your little loves fast rides, this is based on the circus train from Dumbo & is a little mini rollercoaster.


  • Pirates of the Caribbean – This ride gets hell-a busy and doesn’t have a fast-pass system in place (why? I have no idea!) The music really sets the scene & the theming is amazing!


  • Cars – Very much like the teacups but cars, OBVS. Really fast and you can’t help but laugh your way around. We actually did this ride three times because Teddy loved it so much.
  • Ratatouille – Again, I would recommend getting a fast pass for this ride as it is very popular! It is a motion-based trackless 4D ride, that makes you feel like you’ve shrunk to the size of a rat. You wear 3D glasses, and the cars move in a spinning & gliding motion (nothing too cray so don’t worry).
  • Flying Carpets – The ride is narrated by the Genie & I loved it just as much this time as I did when we first visited five years ago! It’s similar to the Dumbo ride but it’s definitely worth a go! It also offers a fast-pass, however we’ve never found the need for it but it might get really busy during peak times of year & weekends ect.
  • Slinky Dog – I think this was Teddy’s favourite of all the rides! It was a little rollercoaster that goes round a track in a up and down motion. It’s actually quite fast that even I thought “oh fuck” but Teddy was happy so I just sucked it up, LOL.


I really hope you found this post useful & I would love to know if you are planning a visit to Disneyland soon? If you are… I am incredibly jealous!




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