Disney blues is really a thing you know. I am suffering & suffering hard. If you didn’t already know we have just spent three days in Disneyland Paris and we had the most magical time ever. This was Teddy’s first time and he absolutely loved it. The music, the illuminations, the surroundings and just the general atmosphere. Especially as he is walking now, he loved walking down the streets and stopping to touch pretty much everything. The cutest thing is on our second & third day when he recognised specific things (the Minnie Mouse statue in particular that we passed everyday on our way into the parks) and he’d point and shout LOOK, LOOK, then clap his hands.

I am so glad we booked the trip for the age he is now. I was quite sceptical and worried that first that it might be a bit of a mistake & really hard work, but it was everything I hoped for and more.

I have a more in-depth & slightly rambling post all about our trip highlights & I’ve also shared all the rides that are perfect for toddlers  to enjoy (under 2’s specifically).

I have lots of blog posts coming up all about our trip; recommendations for places to eat (to suit a whole range of budgets) and what we carried in our park bag. So I would love it if you kept your eyes peeled for those.


I really hope you liked seeing some of the MANYYY photos I took. Have you been to Disneyland Paris? This is the second time I have been over Halloween & I absolutely love it.


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