20 Ways To Be A Little Kinder | World Kindness Day 2018

World Kindness Day


Today is World Kindness Day & frankly, kindness is severely underrated in my opinion. A person can be many things but if they aren’t kind, then they aren’t somebody I want in my life. I thought to celebrate World Kindness Day 2018, I would share some random acts of kindness that you can do anytime, that could really mean the world to someone.

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted”



  • Donate any clothes or items you no longer want, to a charity shop or women’s shelter.
  • Ring your local animal shelter and see if there is anything they are in desperate need of – bedding, pet food or toys.
  • Write positive sticky notes & leave them around your house for your family, roommates etc to find.
  • Offer to do a elderly neighbours shopping whilst you do your own.
  • Simply text or ring someone and ask how they are, what they’ve been up to. Have a conversation!
  • Write a positive comment on someone’s blog or website.
  • Gift one of your all-time favourite books to someone.
  • Send a care package to a family member or friend.
  • Leave a generous tip if you are eating out
  • Share a blog post you enjoy across your social media
  • Thank somebody every week. Write a thank you note to a different person every week.
  • Organize a litter pickers morning in your local area – there is one near me & it makes such a difference.
  • Pay someone a compliment every day. A different person obviously – you don’t wanna come across as a creep. Whether it’s something they are wearing, or maybe a perfume. The smallest of compliments can make someone’s day.
  • Sign up to a charity – we are members of the WWF where you pay a minimum £3 a week, pick an endangered animal to sponsor. They then send you a welcome pack full of useful information about your animal, and a cuddly toy. We sponsor a Polar Bear!
  • Buy some extra toiletries or food supplies and donate them to your nearest foodbank. If you head on over to The Trussell Trust, find your local foodbank and they will provide a list of all the food & items they are in desperate need of.
  • Do something special for your other half, best friend or family member – whether it’s buying their favourite chocolate or cooking their favourite meal.
  • If you have paid for a parking ticket or day saver bus ticket, but have finished with it in plenty of time, give it to someone who can still make use of it.
  • Write a positive quote on a piece of paper & leave it in a public place for someone to find – you never know who will find it & it might just be exactly what they needed.
  • Donate a new toy
  • Pay for someone’s coffee/hot chocolate – kindness pays forward (my sister taught me that!)

Everyone can benefit from a little extra kindness & it doesn’t have to cost a thing! I hope this has given you some ideas & inspired you of small things you can do to be a little kinder.

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  1. You have compiled a lovely list. The most important step towards being kind is to lend an ear to someone’s sorrows.

  2. I loved this post – it’s so easy to be kind, but so many people go out of their way not to be! x

    Han |

  3. Aww love this! I’ve just had a check to see if there’s any food banks near me but there isn’t 🙁 we frequently gift or donate all Emily’s old clothes, someone sent us a photo of their baby in one of Emmys old dresses and I loved seeing that!

  4. This is such an amazing post! Such a postive thing to talk about. I love the idea of doing something for free. I always try and donate my clothes I don’t want I do a seasonal clear out, so in summer I will be chucking out (donating) all clothes I didn’t really wear the summer just gone. I also like the sound of little pickers but not sure what this is?

    Would love to know.

    Much love

  5. Loved this post. None of them are life changing to us but they could be for the person they receives it. Thank you!
    Nina x |

  6. I love this post, everyone should work to spread a little more kindness!

  7. So nice! I totally agree that kindness is underrated. It’s great that you included so many examples that cost no money and take only a little time to brighten someone’s day!

  8. It’s a really thoughtful list,but i love when you say dont be a creep! We all know at least one person like that! I have a big box of clothes that Im working on filling that will hopefully find a good home. It’s a standing speaker box, so it’s almost half my size! I was thinking i would put it in this friend swap group for free to whomever may be interested but now im thinking ill ring up secondhand rose or the capuchin kitchen.

  9. Great post. Such wonderful and thoughtful ideas for world kindness day. This post made me smile.

  10. This is a great post. These are things all of us can do throughout the year to be kind to others. Kindness is always appreciated.

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