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If you read my blog you will know that we have recently been on holiday to Greece & we had the best time. You will also know that I breastfeed Teddy & have done for 15 months now. I am quite open about breastfeeding, both to speak about it & physically, as in I no longer feel the need to cover up when we are out and about. I found breastfeeding abroad super easy & practical, purely because you are pretty much in a bikini/swimsuit all day, so it literally is a case of just whapping the feeders out. I thought I would share with you my top tips for breastfeeding abroad..

Firstly, I breastfed Teddy just before take off & landing, this helps to prevent their little ears popping due to the change in pressure! I made sure to get comfy in my seat first and prepped the area (kindle & headphones at the ready) and luckily he fell fast asleep on the way there and stayed asleep for pretty much the whole flight. YAY

  • Stay Hydrated! – It is so important to drink plenty of fluids to help keep your supply up. Don’t forget that if you are drinking cocktails (ME), this will dehydrate you so it is even more important to drink lots of water. It’s just as important for you as it is for baby!


  • Sit In The Shade – I would either sit in the shaded outdoor patio area or put up the parasol next to my sun lounger to feed Teddy, it was more comfortable for us both this way. Tit sweat & a guzzling toddler does not a good combination make. As soon as he was asleep I would put him in his pram (also in the shade) with his little portable fan & then get back in the sun (or remain in the shade and read!)


  • Due to the heat, remember that babies will feed more often! At home Teddy only feeds for naps (if I am home) and at bedtime, on holiday however he fed twice as much, usually in short little top up bursts.


  • Read up on the breastfeeding laws in the country you are visiting, just so you are aware of where you can & can’t breastfeed in public.


  • If you do feel uncomfortable feeding in public, bring a large breathable muslin cloth to cover yourself, this will also help to keep baby out of the direct heat.


  • It is worth looking at whether your accommodation has a fridge/kitchenette to store any milk you may want to pump & store.


  • If your little one is prone to distractions, feed them in a quieter area, away from the pool & any music. Teddy was very easily distracted at first but once he got used to the sound of splashing ect, he was fine settling down and feeding!


Those are my top tips for breastfeeding abroad, I hope you found them useful!

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  1. It never would have occurred to me about breastfeeding laws!! Good shout!

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