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September Blogging Goals.

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september bloggingg goals


Last month was one of my best blogging months I have had since going self-hosted back in January/February time, and I am hoping to keep that up & keep improving every month. In August I set myself some mini blogging goals & I thought I would share my September blogging goals with you all, to keep me motivated! I try not to set myself too many because it can seem quite over-facing & like it’s a lot to tackle, so I break them up into small manageable goals that I can hopefully try & meet.

Stick To A Schedule

Over recent months I have cut down to posting two blog posts a week, on varying days. I initially was writing 3 posts a week and I just found it too much. Going alongside with everything else you have to do; take photos, edit photos, write posts, promote posts, engage ect ect. I found that I was spending every free moment I had doing all of those things & as much as I love my blog, it was eating into my time that could have been spent doing other things; mainly reading, which is my main and number 1 passion. Since cutting down to two posts (this can vary depending on any brand/sponsored work I have to do), I enjoy it so much more! I usually spend two/three evenings a week, once Teddy is in bed, blogging & then my other evenings are spent either reading or watching tv with Aaron.


I have definitely noticed a increase in page views since I have made the effort to promote more online, across all my social media. I actually shared a blog post on my personal Facebook (shock horror, I know), after six years of blogging and it was so scary but it made such a huge impact on my views. I am definitely going to do it again. When I pluck up the courage LOL.

Beat Last Months Page Views

I managed to beat July’s page views by over 500, which may not be a lot to some people, but to me who usually hovers around the same number each month, I was really proud! I don’t mind how much I beat August’s views by, it can be 10, 50 or 500! I would just like to progress slightly each month.

Increase Followers

I don’t like to set exact numbers but I would like to continue to see my followers grow – mainly on Twitter & Instagram as those are my main platforms that I love to use. Instagram is DEFINITELY the hardest to grow on, but we all know that. I seem to hover around the same number, then gain quite a few followers, then drop right back down. It’s frustrating but i’m just posting as and when I like, without too much added pressure.

Approach One Brand I Love

I wrote a blog post all about approaching brands, last month & it went down amazingly! I have worked with some amazing brands; some that I have approached & some that have approached me. It’s definitely a 50/50 thing and there’s no shame in that! I am going to make it my monthly mission to approach at least ONE brand I love, the worse they can do is say no & i’m cool with that. It just gives me even more motivation to try & improve.

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