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MyHummy White Noise Toy Review

If you follow me on social media you will know that I was not blessed with a child that sleeps. Hell to the no. Teddy has been a shocking sleeper since the day he was dragged out my vag. Actually, that is a lie. He slept amazingly the first two nights of his life, in the hospital, he slept like a little angel in his rocking crib and had to be woken for feeds. I thought “hell yes – this is alright this!” what a twat. I was majorly lured into a false sense of security. I genuinely began to question how long it would take for sleep deprivation to kill me. Over the past…two months Teddy has slept SO much better (the majority of the time). Going down to bed at 6:30/7pm in his cot (after his boob OBVIOUSLY) and only waking once to come in our bed. Don’t get me wrong, the kid still insists on waking up at 5:30am everyday but with a decent nights sleep – i’ll take it. Ya can’t have it all folks.


When I was pregnant I saw lots of people talking about white noise, sound machines helping their babies to sleep, so I gave into the hype & picked up a Ewan The Dream Sheep. I have heard so many people rave about Ewan but he really didn’t work for us. At all. So we binned him off – kindly of course, he has gone to a better home. I tried just playing white noise on my phone but nothing worked. Teddy just wasn’t interested.

One thing I noticed about Teddy is that he would wake himself up by either moving around, trying to get comfy or he’d accidently knock a limb on the side of his cot & he found it REALLY hard to settle himself, resulting in us having to attempt to get him back to sleep which could take anytime from 5 minutes to over an hour! Babies can be stubborn little fuckers.



The MyHummy

During one of my many middle of the night google searches, whilst feeding Teddy I started goggling miracle sleep cures (spoiler: there isn’t any, not that I have found anyway). Sleep training isn’t for us so that was a straight no thank you, but one thing that kept cropping us was the MyHummy. I lost track of how many amazing reviews I read so figured it couldn’t hurt & at this point I would give anything a try. Teddy was one very luck boy & kindly sent ASH from the teddy bear range. We were also sent one of their Luxury Warm Blanket’s and let me tell you, it is the softest snuggliest blanket I have ever felt. Teddy absolutely loves it and now the weather is getting colder, he loves snuggling it at night. They also do a lighter version which would be perfect for the summer months.


The teddy bears are available with both original & Bluetooth features!

Original Features;

  • White noise “Humming Heart” located inside the toy
  • Five types of white noise which resemble: amniotic fluid with heartbeat, rainfall, sea waves, hairdryer, vacuum cleaner
  • The sound gently fades away after 60 minutes but activates again if baby starts to stir (SLEEP SENSOR)
  • Non-stop mode for an uninterrupted night’s sleep
  • Volume control
  • Machine washable at 40 degrees after removing the humming device.

Bluetooth Features;

  • Use your phone as a remote control for myHummy
  • Adjust the volume and type of sound
  • Control the duration of sound
  • Switch the Sleep Sensor on and off
  • Use Alarm Mode to send notifications to a phone when baby starts to whimper or cry (within Bluetooth range).

We picked Ash with the Bluetooth feature, mainly because I liked the idea of controlling the bear from my phone, so I wouldn’t need to disturb Teddy if I wanted to change the sounds, volume or time duration.

One of my FAVOURITE features is the fact that it is machine washable! HALLELUJAHHHH! Finally, a white noise toy that is washable. All the toys are washable at 40 degrees, all you need to do is remove the humming heart from your bear.


I was really quite sceptical about introducing white noise to Teddy as he is much older now & it is only really spoken about working for newborn babies but after a couple of days I noticed a HUGE difference in Teddy’s sleep. Don’t get me wrong, he still has his nightly wake up & comes into our bed, but the biggest change has been how quickly he manages to settle himself if he does start to stir. It took us a couple of nights to get the settings just right, to how Teddy wants them. He absolutely LOVES the sea waves noise and actually prefers to have the volume quite high – another thing I love about the MyHummy is that you can alter the settings so the white noise will play for either 60 minutes or you can actually increase it all the way to 12 hours, before it will fade out gradually. 

I will definitely be keeping hold Ash to use with our next baby – that is if Teddy still isn’t using him, in which case I will definitely need to purchase a second!


The particular MyHummy we have retails at £79.99, which I know is definitely at the pricier end of the white noise toys spectrum, but they do have other options available which start at £39.99! I am actually running a giveaway over on my Instagram and Facebook to win a MyHummy of your choice! If you enter through both of those, it counts as two entries.

The giveaway ends on the 9th September!





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