Four Top Tips For Growing Your Blog

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Blogging has transformed in recent years. What was once a novelty during the early days of the internet has evolved into a passion for millions of people around the world. By offering you the chance to spread a message you genuinely care about – or even just a means of having your voice heard – blogging has changed the lives of many.
But what use are all these fantastic snippets of information or opinions, if nobody’s going to read them? Growing your blog can be a challenge – but it’s not impossible. Today, let’s run through four steps you can take to get as much exposure as possible.

1. Make things interactive

If one thing in the blogging world is a constant, it’s that interactive content gives you the best chance of going viral. While you can’t bank on that happening with the click of your fingers, these kinds of posts will nevertheless appeal to your audience. Loyalty is an often-overlooked element of success. To truly grow, you need to hold onto your base followers. Fresh, interactive content will keep them satisfied, while also increasing your chances of shares. Win, win.

2. Use SEO

There’s a chance you won’t have heard of SEO before. You may not even know what it stands for. Search Engine Optimisation is a method which digital marketers have been using for years to get websites to rank as highly on SERPs (search engine result pages) as possible. Fees for professionals are sometimes in the thousands – so it might be worth teaching yourself some basics. Gurus like Neil Patel are worth listening to. These self-made millionaires are in the privileged position of being able to hand out free advice.

3. Use an online platform

There’s a chance if you’re someone who’s good with words, you may not be the most skilled with the technological side of things. Instead of stressing yourself out with the trials and tribulations of managing a website, think about making the most of an online platform. These are specifically tailored to make things as easy as possible for you. Editing your website layout is made simpler, with tools also making payment simple. Effectively, these e-
commerce platforms micromanage the day-to-day aspects of running your site – leaving you with more time to focus on your business and blog.

4. Network with other bloggers

Forging a strong network of fellow bloggers can be a great help. You’re more likely to get free promotion – from either social media shout-outs or internal links in their posts. You’ll also be able to take part in collaborations, which sees you team up with your peers to promote both of your work. Now Go Blog provide advice on how to successfully network with other bloggers. Some of their top tips include:
 – Sending out emails
 – Getting in touch over social media
 – Meeting at conferences

Having as wide a network as possible will go a long way towards successfully improving the size of your outreach.

Keep these tips in mind when trying to expand your blog. Building a loyal following is not an overnight thing. But, if you push and try your hardest, you should start seeing results.

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