Breastfeeding Essentials | Toddler Edition


breastfeeding essentials | toddler edition


Almost 17 months into our breastfeeding journey & still going strong. Most days. Some days I want to rip my nipples off & feed them to the cats. Drastic? Completely. Truthful? Hell yes. It is my aim to feed Teddy until he is at least two, which is the recommended age by the World Health Organisation, FYI. I still get questions about Teddy’s feeding & “when are you going to stop?” – when he brings his first girlfriend home Helen, now FUCK OFF. If you head on over to SmartCells, they have shared their breastfeeding essentials for newborns (which is a whole different ball game!) The article is full of really helpful tips & some I would highly recommend but I thought I would share with you my breastfeeding essentials | toddler edition.


In the early days of breastfeeding, it is no secret that your nipples get hell-a sore, you aren’t used to a hangry beast sucking on them 24 hours a day so sore nipples are a standard part of everyday life. Breastfeeding a toddler? Holy hell. There are now teeth to deal with, actual tiny little human teeth. Little fangs that don’t care if they have a good chomp down & leave tiny indentations. Which yes, has actually happened.


Feeding a new born is never ending, feeding a toddler is lots of deep breaths & telling them to sit the fuck down. The feeds don’t last anywhere near as long as the early days but they are definitely more testing! You get climbed like a tree, a finger up your nose & a few eyelashes pulled out.


Because I swear if you don’t tie your hair up, your child will cling to it like a life line & use it to pull themselves up or as handle bars whilst they are chowing down.


I’ve had quite a few comments about “still” feeding Teddy – like he’s 17 not 17 months – so I’ve built up quite a tough shell & don’t fuck with my tits attitude. Am I asking you to feed him? No. Am I asking you to be kicked in the face whilst your child turns into some kind of contortionist who can feed AND watch Mr Tumble? No. So wind your neck in.


The bedtime feed is definitely the longest one we have & I like to keep the room relaxed, dark & quiet. Meaning no tv or background noise to keep the he-beast awake longer than needs be. I either stick my headphones in & listen to a podcast (anything true crime is my current go to), listen to an audiobook OR I will read on my kindle (with the screen turned right down so it isn’t glaring in my face, or Teddy’s. Back when Teddy would only sleep on me or in my bed, this is how I spent most of my time & how I got most of my reading done.


I’d love to know your breastfeeding essentials? Does you toddler enjoy a good eye poke or hair grab?



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  1. Love this! Nipples of steel is definitely essential. Emily has only got 3 teeth so far but my god can she clamp down hard! I’m hoping to feed her for as long as I can but I’m already getting comments about ‘still’ feeding. She’s only 10 months! I’ve heard ALL the Little Britain jokes already too… so boring.

    I’m excited for the day she stops using my hair as a way to pull herself up or stop herself falling too. Tempted to shave my head!

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