4 Adventure Gifts He’d Love To Receive

adventure gifts

Finding a gift for someone special is usually a lot harder than we anticipate. First, you need to find something they’d actually like within a price range that’s reasonable – and then you need to try to make their day as great as possible. Luckily, birthdays are only once a year, so you have more than enough time to plan how you should do it.

Here is a handful of excellent adventure gifts you can give to your boyfriend or husband so that you’re able to give them a great gift as well as a fun day. It’s the best kind of birthdays.


#1 Beer brewing tour

If your special someone loves a good beer, you should definitely treat them to a beer brewing tour. Remember that you can do this with any kind of drink that they prefer, though, such as whiskey-tasting or wine-tasting.

Try to give them another gift that goes well with the experience; a personalised beer glass is always a perfect gift as they’ll have something that reminds them of you everytime they use it. You can order beers with personalised labels as well, though, so you have a lot to choose from.

If you’re not that interested in going out to taste beer or whiskey, keep in mind that you might as well invite a few of his friends to come along instead. Your boyfriend or husband would probably see it as a really thoughtful gift, in any way, when you try to give him drinking partners who actually enjoy drinking.

#2 Camping trip

With a nature-lover as a boyfriend or husband, you can’t go wrong by giving him something that will foster his hobby. While you don’t have to give him something super expensive such as a brand new bicycle, you can always plan a weekend away together where he gets to soak up all that nature.

It will be an even better gift if he usually struggles with convincing you to join him on those camping trips. Make it complete by adding a little something that will complete the trip; a new tent, clothes for camping, sleeping bags, cooking equipment, you name it.


#3 Fancy night out

What you decide to give your boyfriend or husband should, of course, completely depend on their personality. You wouldn’t take someone who never really drinks out on a beer brewing tour and, similarly, you wouldn’t take a rugged forest man out for a fancy night.

If your partner loves to check himself out in the mirror, on the other hand and has a special appetite for culture, this gift will be perfect for him. Plan an entire evening of soaking up culture, such as going to the theatre or the opera, and wrap up a few gifts with outfits to help him look his best.

You might want to give him a new blazer, a paisley tie, a fancy wallet, etc – everything that will make him feel like a million bucks.


#4 Tickets to a game

Again, all of these gifts depend completely on what he is into. As a sports lover, you can probably think of a lot of merchandise to give him that would go straight up on the wall, but what about tickets to an actual game? Have a look around the web and see if you can find out if his favourite team is playing a day around his birthday.

And remember to add something else that he would be excited about which he can either enjoy during the game or simply just to complement the actual gift. Those personalised beer glasses would probably work well in this instance as well.

Finding the perfect gift for someone special requires a lot of work sometimes – other times, though, you’ll be able to think of something immediately. Perhaps it would just be easier if we all continued to write wish lists of what we want even after we’re all grown up?


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