Greece photo diary

At the end of July; myself, Teddy & Aaron all visited Halkidiki in Greece. We stayed at the Anna Maria Paradise in Pefkohori and we had the best time! We spent 11 days in the sun, swimming in the pool & drinking cocktails (me, not Teddy). It was our first family holiday abroad and it went so much smoother than I thought it would! I had heard so many horror stories about travelling with toddlers and i’d sort of built up this horrendous idea in my head of what it would be like. It couldn’t have been any more different! Teddy slept like a dream at night time, napped like a pro during the day & was just so so pleasant all day, everyday. I am going to do a full blog post all about travelling with a toddler, including our tips for flights ect. 

The hotel was lovely and quiet, but within a 10/15 minute walk there was a lovely beach with a whole strip of bars & restaurants, including little side streets with the BEST crepe & ice cream shops. I took so many photos of our whole trip & I did post daily on my Instagram there were so many photos that I want to share, so I figured I would do a Greece Photo Diary post! 

As soon as Teddy went down for his afternoon nap in his pram, I would push us into the shade & towards the bar. Cos’ i’m responsible like that. LOL. Strawberry Daquiri is my poison of choice & the ones at the hotel were B-E-A-UTIFUL. They were hell-a strong though, but at least you get your money’s worth! On the first day when I had one, I was slightly tipsy after one. I remember messaging one of my favourite gals Terri, telling her if she read about a woman being arrested for acting drunk & disorderly for swimming naked in the pool, it was probably me. 

Every morning when we woke up as soon as I opened the curtains, Teddy would throw his ass off the bed & charge towards the balcony doors waiting patiently…like a dog (wut?!) to go outside. He absolutely LOVED it, when we came back to the room in the late afternoons for chill time, we would open the doors & he’d just sit out there playing & babbling away. Oh I miss it so much.

I was determined on this holiday to make the effort to take more pictures of us as a family. I can count on one hand how many pictures all three of us have together! I also asked Aaron nicely (read as: threatened him) if he could take more pictures of me & Teddy & dya know what? BOY DID GOOD. I have so many lovely photos of me & my little. I say lovely… on a lot of them, Teddy is trying to claw his way off me or pushing on my face as if to say “get the fuck off me woman!”. 

This is my absolute favourite photo EVER of me & Teddy. My mum tum & tits might be out for the world to see, but look at Teddy’s face! LOOK AT IT. He was so unbelievably happy to splash in the sea & feel the waves pushing up against him. My heart could burst. With happiness. Obvs.

I tried my hand at being a Instagram model, you know.. looking all nonchalant into the distant, with my swishy ass hair & perfect pose… yeah.. I don’t have it in me. At one point Aaron was lay down on the beach, thinking he was the definition of insta-boyfriend, which resulted in me pissing my shorts (I’ve had a baby so take that as literally as you like) and realising I aint about that life.

On our last night we headed into the centre of Pefkohori & it was so lovely. The perfect end to our holiday. The sun was setting, the beach was still pretty busy and the bars were all bursting with music & people. We stopped off at a delicious crepe shop that was tucked away in a side street & it was incredible! I opted for a strawberry & Nutella filling, where as Aaron went for a gorgeous chunky chocolate ice cream, both of which we shared with Teddy! Needless to say, he loved them. My little foodie. 

We will 100% be returning to Halkidiki, we created the most perfect memories, met the loveliest of people & ate all the gyro’s. EUGHHHH GYRO… so bloody good.

We couldn’t have asked for a more special holiday, for Teddy’s first and it’s made us even more excited for our next adventures. We are going to Wales again with Haven in October & we are only home from there for a day before we fly to Disneyland Paris EEEEK. We have also booked to go to Salou next September with my family. It’s surreal thinking that Teddy will be 2.5 then & my sister will have a nine month old baby! I can’t wait to see Teddy running around with his cousins. 

I’d love to know if you have been to Greece? Where is your favourite place to travel?

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