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AUGUST. How is it August?! This year is honestly flying by. July was the most amazing month, we had our first family holiday in Greece & we created the most beautiful memories that I will honestly cherish forever. Thank you to everyone who joined in with mine & Georgia’s monthly linky last month, I always love reading your posts. If you haven’t joined in before you can read all about the linky & the rules here, we’d love you to join in! Here is my FIVE THINGS JULY.. I have also shared my favourite posts from last months linky.



Obviously this is right at the top of my list! I had the most amazing time with my family, I managed to catch a little sun, eat incredible foods & drink the most delicious (& strong) cocktails. I absolutely love Greece & have been quite a few times to different areas but Halkidiki is one of my new favourites. The beach & town was only a 10-15 minute walk away full of bars, restaurants & shops. I couldn’t have asked for a better first holiday for Teddy, he had an absolute blast. He was obsessed with the plane, loved meeting so many new people (who all made such a fuss of him) & having endless amounts of new foods to try. If you want to read more about our trip, you can see my Greece Photo Diary!


Unforgotten is a crime-drama tv series that is on ITV and it follows to detectives from London, who work together to solve cold cases involving historic disappearances & murders. It is currently part way through its third series & I am obsessed! I have watched the previous two series and really enjoyed it, but this new series is something else! It just sucks you in & leaves you hooked! You can still watch the previous seasons on the ITV HUB!


My favourite! If I ever have a drink, it’s usually a cocktail & if there is a strawberry daquiri on the menu, that’s my go-to. Whilst we were on holiday, during Teddy’s afternoon nap I would push his pram into the shade & order myself a strawberry daquiri & read my book. It was absolute bliss. Don’t get me wrong, we had the most fun on holiday & I loved watching Teddy explore but I also lived for nap times! It meant me & Aaron could really sit back and relax without one of us charging around after a inquisitive toddler.


Jay Mclean is a international best-selling author who writes in the genres of New Adult & Young Adult Romance. My favourite genres. I binge read ALL her books whilst I was in Greece and I am obsessed! She has a few series, but my favourite of hers is definitely the More Than Series, which is made up of five books, about a group of best friends. Each book is based on one person/relationship out of that group. The books had me laughing out loud, swooning over the male characters (especially Jake & Logan…) and trying to hold it together during the heart-wrenching moments. I can’t wait to see what Jay releases next!


I have a really love/hate relationship with Instagram and in the years I’ve had it, it’s caused me quite a bit of grief. Usually inadequacy and jealousy. However recently, I’ve scrapped the theme & only allowing myself to post pictures that were deemed “insta-worthy” and started posting whatever I want! It’s crazy how much pressure you can feel weighing down on you when it comes to Instagram. I’ve also started posting more photos of myself, either with Teddy, as a family or alone and I feel really good about it. I used to be really self conscious about posting images of myself online as I am my own worst critique but recently, Aaron has taken some really lovely pictures of me & Teddy together & I wanted to document that. It seems other people are enjoying it as well as my account is definitely growing. Slowly, but growing.


MY BIRTHDAY – My birthday was the 27th June and I had the best time. I was taken on a surprise adventure by my boyfriend and it was one of the best birthday’s I’ve ever had. The weather was perfect, Emily was perfect and I truly couldn’t have hoped for a better day. I have a post all about my birthday adventure coming soon so be sure to check that out when it’s up! If you follow me on twitter you’ll be one of the first to know when it’s live. – EM & ME

CentreParcs – CentreParcs is my happy place and I so glad we got to go back last week. Give me a week there over going abroad any day, although thanks to this insane weather it felt like we were abroad! We packed so much into our week and just had the best time. There’s something so fairytale like about being surrounded by nature, our first day some tiny ducklings wandered into our villa, I’m surprised my happy squeals didn’t scare the crap out of them (thankfully no ducks shat on the carpet). I feel so relaxed and recharged after our week in the forest. I’m already looking at going back later in the year. – Mama Mighalls

Missy Elliott – Being a full time emo music enthustiast since 2004 is no secret of mine. I think everyone pretty much who knows me relates me to some emo sort of band. Through out the years I’ve been brought up on so so many different genre’s of music. I go through fazes of different ones and I’m not ashamed of that. Happy hardcore, cheese, musicals, dance, death metal, glam rock pop. Everything. My range is very broad. A favourite of mine that I haven’t listened to in a couple of years is Missy Elliott and I was listening to Busta Rhymes (yea I know) and fell back in love again. Honestly who didn’t want to dance to this song back in 2005, get bangs like Ciara and own one of those skirts in Lose Control?! I’ve linked you to it, so you don’t have to do the work. – OH LUNA

EID– There was no way that I was going to leave Eid out – it was exceptionally amazing, it always is, whatever the occasion to be able to spend quality time with the family and extended family. I really looked forward to it this year as since starting full time work, I just needed an excuse to put my feet up and enjoy. – THE MUM AFFAIRS

You can read Georgia’s favourite posts from last month, on her FIVE THINGS JULY post.

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  • Laura

    Thanks so much for including me in the favourites!

    I have lived for your holidays photo’s! Those cocktails looked amazing. So glad you had a good time. Greece is the first (and only) place I’ve ever flown to. I went to Thassos for my 21st for 2 weeks and it was beautiful! Halkidiki was our second choice. Your holiday has given me hope that we may get abroad with Emily sooner than we originally thought!

    L:aura xx

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