Documenting Summer Memories With TimeSpring



Is it just me that feels like our summer is fast approaching the end? The weather is cooler, it’s getting darker slightly earlier & the kids are almost back at school (which always screams AUTUMN IS HERE to me).


We have had the most amazing summer filled with picnics in the park, visits to the beach & our first holiday abroad as a family of three. I am very much a “live in the moment” person but Teddy’s first summer holiday is something I wanted to capture & remember forever. His first flight, the first time he went in a swimming pool OUTSIDE and the first time he went in the sea are memories that I will cherish always and having those moments stored, to look back on is perfect.

It is no secret that being a parent, life is so hectic & fleeting that the memories do eventually begin to fade and you only remember small factors of even the best days. I do make the conscious effort to print photos off but unfortunately those pictures are still in their wallets, waiting to be organised. However with TimeSpring, I have all my summer memories saved & at my finger tips through their app!

I love that I can share all my photos with my family safely & I also have created a profile for Teddy so when he is older, he will have all his photos to look back on. I have pictures stored since pretty much the moment Teddy was born and I love the idea of showing him this when he’s older and talking through all the wonderful things we have done together as a family.

My favourite time to go through the app is when Teddy is asleep, and I can sit with a moments peace to look back on all the amazing memories we have made. It’s so easy to get completely overwhelmed with the mundane aspects of life; going to work, cleaning the house & dealing with a toddler whose favourite thing to do is climb! Nothing helps me break out of a shitty mood, quite like looking back at pictures of when we were all at our happiest.

TimeSpring makes it so easy to share pictures, it is super quick and convenient. You can send to as many family members or friends as you want, thanks to the unlimited recipients feature. The app is completely free to use, as is sending any picture messages (you do have to pay a small fee for video messages).

Have you ever used TimeSpring? I hope you had a lovely summer?

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