What’s In My Toddler’s Plane Bag & Luggage.

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Toddler's Plane Bag

We are only one week away from our summer holiday and it’s all systems go! Sorting through all the clothes, the toiletries are packed & we have started organising our plane bags. If you read my 2018 TRAVEL PLANS, you will know that we are off to Halkidiki, Greece & we can’t wait. It will be our first family holiday abroad and I honestly don’t have a clue what to expect, travelling with a toddler is going to be a whole different ball game! I thought I would share with you what’s in my Toddler’s plane bag & luggage, hopefully it’ll give you some tips & ideas if you have a holiday coming up.


We aren’t packing anything OTT or extreme for the plane, mainly due to the fact that the flight is only 3.5 hours and Teddy, being under 2, doesn’t qualify for any luggage so I will be using my hand luggage for all his bits & bobs. We bought a little dinosaur suitcase for him to use as hand luggage as we figured we’d be able to pack some things that we need for our actual holiday in there (swim nappies, clothes ect). I’ve also figured that boob is always the best form of distraction…? Right?

We are flying at 7 in the morning, so we have to be at the airport ridiculously early (FYI, I actually love flying at this time) & the plan is to put Teddy straight in the car, still in his pyjamas & then get him changed once we are settled at the airport & he’s had some breakfast ect. So i’ll be making sure to pack a change of clothes for this, something comfortable but will keep him warm as we all know how chilly planes can get! I will also be packing a light blanket for if he has a nap, a couple of his favourite books & a new toy (I say new, because it’ll keep him more occupied as it’s something he won’t have seen before!) I have also loaded my ipad up with his favourite cartoons from Netflix & I’ve also downloaded the CBeebies iplayer app & downloaded from there as well. That way you can watch without wifi!

I’m going to pack a couple of his favourite snacks for the plane; strawberry yoghurt drops, raisins, Kiddylicious fruity bakes & their smoothie melts! I’ll also make sure to pack him a sippy cup, we’ve packed his Munchkin 360 cup & a new toddler cup with a flip out straw (he loves using straws!) so we will take one of these on the plane with us. TOP TIP; you know those little Robinsons squeezy cordials you can buy? We are taking a couple of those with us so all we’ll need to do for Teddy is buy bottles of water & make him fresh drinks up throughout the day. Saves buying cordial or juice whilst we are there. Saves more pennies for my cocktails LOL. You think i’m joking, well I aint.

We have also packed a couple of the Calpol sachets, he’s currently teething NON-STOP, every week he has a new tooth on its way so the last thing I want is for him to be in a strange, confined environment, really upset. The sachets are in 5ml doses so you can just squeeze it straight into their mouth or put it onto one of the little medicine spoons.

One thing I am always really on edge about is the amount of germs that are crammed onto planes, especially now we are taking our little with us, I always carry a antibacterial hand gel with us anyway but for this holiday I have a brand new bottle from well known baby brand Milton! I will be keeping this in our bag at all times as it will be perfect to use throughout the whole holiday, it comes in a handy 100ml bottle so you can have it in your hand luggage & be in keeping with the liquid control that they have at airports. We also have the Milton antibacterial surface wipes which will be PERFECT for using on the airplane tray (before Teddy eats anything) and also on the highchairs abroad. You can never be too careful.

Teddy’s passport (along with our own) is of course essential & I usually break out into hot sweats the night before we fly, with the fear that i’ll forget our passports! I never have done, but it’s always a huge worry I have! How gorgeous is this personalised Disney passport cover?! I absolutely love anything with Teddy’s name on (his name is actually Theodore for those who are always confused!)


I have probably gone a little overboard with packing for Teddy. I think I would rather pack too much than not enough! I have packed enough daytime t-shirts & night time outfits so he has a new one pretty much everyday (with a few spares), mainly this is t-shirts because we all know how messy toddlers can get! I won’t be taking as many shorts ect as I can just mix & match them. I have actually packed some travel wash, so I can wash anything that gets mucky. You just mix it with warm water & leave your clothes to soak.

We have also packed him a little inflatable for the pool, it comes with a little steering wheel & a hooded cover (which is the main thing) so he will still have some extra sort of protection from the sun whilst swimming!I got it off Ebay for £10, bloody bargain! To help keep Teddy cool we have also packed a portable fan that just attaches to their buggy or cot, I picked it up off Amazon for less than £8, the blades are made of foam & super soft so you don’t have to worry about your baby hurting their fingers.

Sleep wise we aren’t planning on taking any pyjamas because chances are he won’t end up sleeping in them, the only things we have packed is a fitted sheet for his travel cot (I figured it would be more familiar to him & might make him sleep slightly better )& his My Hummy. I know his sleep will probably be quite disturbed for the first few nights due to it being strange surroundings. I am hoping that he’ll still sleep well if he comes in our bed with us.


One worry I think every parent has when taking their little’s abroad is protecting their precious skin from the sun! I have stocked up on factor 50 in a mixture of spray bottles and ordinary squeezy bottles. It is a well known fact now that own brand sun creams such as Asda, Aldi & Morrisons ect are 5 STAR RATED when it comes to UV protection, where as the more well known brands Nivea & Garnier are only three star! Don’t presume because they are branded & more expensive, that they are better than cheaper alternatives! After Sun wise we are using Child’s Farm Organic Coconut Oil, which smells amazing!! Their sun cream range is perfectly designed for babies with sensitive or eczema prone skin, so you know their products are free from any nasties that could irritate your babies skin.

We purchased the Joie Nitro Stroller for our holiday as it is super compact and light weight, it also reclines completely flat so it will be perfect for Teddy’s naps! It does come with a hooded canopy that will protect him from the sun to a certain extent (if the rest of his body is in the shade) but if he is napping whilst we are out and about on walks or day trips we have the Snoozeshade Plus Deluxe, it helps protect babies from 97.5% of UV rays (obviously you still need to make sure your baby has suncream as well!!!) It is fully breathable so you don’t need to worry!


Something that is always really important for parents to have, but even more so when you are leaving home & travelling is a first aid kit. I have packed a little bit of everything; plasters & antiseptic cream incase of any bumps & scrapes that come with travelling with a toddler, a baby/toddler friendly mosquito repellent, his bogey sucker (I take that bad boy everywhere), the Calpol sachets I mentioned earlier, Ibuprofen and a mixture of potions for his teething that include the Ashtons & Parson’s teething powders & Dentinox teething gel that I’ve heard great things about.

Keep an eye on my Instagram as that is where I will be posting all our holiday snaps!

I have also attached a FREE PRINTABLE with a full checklist of what to pack in your toddler’s plane bag & luggage. You can also find it on Pinterest. I hope you liked this post & it’s given you some ideas of what to pack for your family holiday. It’s crazy how much stuff a small human needs!





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  • Georgia

    Fab post – super helpful!! We’re off on holiday at the beginning of September! Can’t wait but I’m already starting to think of a list of stuff to pack, I don’t want to forget anything! ?

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