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If you read my blog regularly, you will know that I am a huge fan of Baby Led Weaning & I love to share our tips, inspiration and recipes on both here & my Instagram. It’s been five months since I last shared a meal plan for Teddy & with him now being fourteen months old, his tastes have changed quite a lot and he has a lot more variety. I thought we would share with you what Teddy eats in a week, to hopefully help give you some ideas & inspiration, I know how hard it is to come up with new & exciting things to feed your toddler!

To give you some insight into our meal plan & routine; we tend to shop at Lidl for all our essentials & meat, then nip 30 seconds down to the road to Asda to grab some of Teddy’s branded snacks (Kiddylicious, Organix Goodies ect), routine wise we have our breakfast at around 7am, snack at 10am, lunch can be anywhere between 11:45 & 12:15, then tea time is usually around 5/5:15pm.



Breakfast; Lincolnshire sausage, scrambled egg & no added salt baked beans. Grapes & yoghurt covered raspberry flakes

Snack; Soreen Banana Loaf & half a banana

Lunch; Ham & soft cheese spread sandwich, quavers & strawberry frube

Dinner; Sweet chilli chicken stir-fry with half a duck spring roll & prawn crackers. Cornetto ice cream


Breakfast; Rice Krispies with whole milk, chopped banana & raisins

Snack; Strawberries

Lunch; Mcdonalds chicken nuggets, fries & a melon bag (the kid is still alive SHOCK HORROR)

Dinner; Bacon Carbonara, garlic bread & mixed veg.


Breakfast; Cheese spread on toast, apricot frube & grapes

Second Breakfast; He shared my bacon on toast & some strawberries

Lunch; Leftover over stir-fry, Kiddylicious veggie straws & raisins

Dinner; Jacket potato with salad & beans. Chocolate Mini Milk


Breakfast; Homemade banana pancakes, yoghurt & berries

Snack; Yoghurt covered strawberry flakes & a donut peach

Lunch; Cheese sandwich, carrot & cucumber sticks with humous

Dinner; Sausage, mash, yorkshire pudding, mixed veg & gravy.



Breakfast; Cheese & bacon omelette, banana & grapes

Lunch; pasta & homemade veggie sauce, quavers & donut peach

Dinner; Turkey Dinosaur, potato waffle, beans. Milky Bar Buttons



Breakfast; Cheese on toast, donut peach & raisins

Snack; Yoghurt covered raspberry flakes & Soreen banana loaf

Lunch; Cheese & chive omelette, Kiddylicious veggie straws & watermelon slice

Dinner; Chicken rogan josh with rice, poppadum & mango chutney. Raspberry frube



Breakfast; Banana pancakes with mixed berry & yoghurt

Snack; Raisins & satsuma

Lunch; Leftover curry with pitta bread, quavers & grapes

Dinner; Homemade KFC chicken, chips &  Mayflower southern-fried style gravy with corn on the cob.

& that concludes what my one year old eats in a week! I hope you enjoyed this post & it hopefully gave you some ideas! I’d love to know what kind of meals & snacks your little one has?



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