Current Beauty Favourites

beauty favourites

As I mentioned in my FIVE THINGS : JUNE post, I have really been taking a little more time to myself recently, whether that’s applying a face mask, using a hair treatment or actually taking five minutes to apply some makeup. I know. Shock horror. I have found some real beauty favourites! I thought I would share with you a few of the things I have been using & loving recently.


L’Oreal Paris Pure Clay Glow Scrub

I have been using this around three times a week for the past month & I love it! It has three selected pure clays & combines them with eucalyptus extract for clearer, fresher skin. I was looking for a good exfoliator and this was on offer in Superdrug so I did really pick it up on a whim, but I love it. It leaves my skin feeling so soft & refreshed, whilst also reducing the redness of any spots I have. I actually prefer that it isn’t as gritty as previous exfoliators I have used as they seem to dry my skin out. My skin feels plump & soft rather than scrubbed raw. I tend to apply a small amount to my fingers before rubbing it in small circular motions, then gently wipe it off with warm water & a wet flannel.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer

I picked this up in my recent BOOTS HAUL & I can’t remember why I ever stopped using it! It’s my favourite ever concealer to use under the eyes. It’s actually Rimmel’s first full coverage concealer to hide dark circles, illuminates under the eyes & conceals imperfections. The formula is enriched with vitamin C & light diffusing radiance pearls which really wakes up the eyes. Honestly, it helps disguise the fact I haven’t slept for 13 months. Boohoo to me.


I picked this palette up purely due to the hype & cute packaging. I know, i’m a walking talking blogging cliché (read as: twat), the fact it actually SMELLS like peaches is just a brucy bonus. It has a lovely natural bronze shade which is actually one of the first bronzers that’s really suited my pale complexion, I usually find bronzers really orange on me but this gives me a really healthy glow. I’m liking it a lot. The blush is just a lovely peach colour that I really think will suit every skin tone. The highlight gives the skin a gorgeous glow, without being too in your face & holographic (if that makes sense…), you can really build it up to get the exact glow you’d like, but I prefer a subtle kinda vibe.



It was actually my sister who put me onto Primark mascara because mine was all dry & crusty, and to be honest i’m surprised I didn’t catch some sort of clap in my eye. I’ve been using this for around four months now & honestly, Primark make up is the ONE. I’ve used their mascara, Kylie Jenner lip dupes & their make up brushes, can’t complain about any! The mascara isn’t drying at all, it gives my eyelashes a really good curl & length, whilst lasting all day! It doesn’t smudge but at the same time it doesn’t take turps to remove it.


I’m not gonna lie, since I’ve had Teddy I hadn’t cleaned my make up brushes. It gave me a sick sort of pleasure to eventually clean them with my new tool from Primark. £1.50 well spent. All I do is put some baby shampoo (Johnson’s, the yellow one) on this with warm running water and swirl the brushes all around, getting right down into the roots. Are they called roots? You know what I mean…

I get a sort of sick satisfaction watching all the filth come out my brushes. Foundation, concealer and living creatures…


I’d love to know what your current beauty favourites are? What is your go-to everyday product?


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