Tips For Moving House With A Baby



Packing the essentials!

Moving home is stressful enough, but with a baby to consider? That little person who is probably your reason for moving in the first place? Then your level of stress is going to rise that bit further. Thankfully, there are ways to make your life easier. By planning ahead, you can ease the stress for both you and baby.


When looking for a property…


Buy a home that is suitable for all of your family needs. Choose a property that is suitable for a growing family. Your baby won’t stay small forever, and you may decide to have other children, so factor that into the size of the property you choose.


Make safety a number one priority by ensuring the property is free from things that may cause illness or injury (damp, asbestos) to you and your family. For peace of mind, hire a RICS surveyor. Why do you need a RICS surveyor? Because you need the accredited word of somebody you can trust. After all, your family’s welfare is paramount.


In the days before moving in day…


Stick to your regular routines. Yes, there will be a lot on your mind, with a growing to-do list and packing to contend with, but your baby still needs a sense of normality. Keep to whatever routine baby is used to, and use their sleeping times to get on with the busy process of moving.


Be mindful of your packing, as you don’t want to pack any of your child’s essentials away from easy reach. Keep bottles, diapers, toys, etc. to one side, only packing them away on moving day itself.


Benefit from childcare, whether that’s a professional provider or a personal friend or family member. You will need extra time as moving day approaches to get everything together, so having somebody else to mind your child will give you one less thing to worry about when you’re feeling frantic.


Visit your new home before moving day, and get to work on baby proofing everything. You could do this after moving day, but if you have the freedom to sort things out earlier, you are both improving the both the levels of safety for your baby on arrival, and giving rest to your frazzled mind.


On moving day…


Benefit from childcare again, as you will need somebody to watch baby when you’re busy loading boxes, etc. Remember that accidents can happen, so when you don’t have the time to watch everything that baby is up to, an extra pair of eyes and hands will prove invaluable.


Have your child’s essentials to hand, with a changing bag and small box with everything your baby needs on the day. Food, diapers, toys, wipes…ensure they are all within easy access.


Remember your baby’s need for familiarity, despite the change in their lives. When you arrive at the new home, spend time with your child if they show signs of anxiety. Unpack their belongings first, and give them a sense of familiarity with their toys and bedding. Despite the stresses of moving in, you also need to get back to a routine as soon as possible, so plan feeding and mommy time into your list of things to do on arrival.


Moving home isn’t easy, and it is harder with a baby in tow. Still, follow our tips to make your life easier, and if you have any advice through your own experiences, be sure to let us know. Thanks for reading, and if you are moving home soon, we wish you and your family every happiness.




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