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toddler changing bag toddler changing bag

The last “WHAT’S IN MY CHANGING BAG?” post I did was way back in July last year when Teddy wasn’t even two months old & needless to say our everyday out & about essentials have definitely changed as he’s got older.

I thought it was time to share with you the things that are always in our changing bag & at the minute it is very summer appropriate.


We are still using the Babyel Robyn Convertible Backpack as our changing bag & I love it even more now than I did back then. It’s so handy & comfortable to wear. The inside is very spacious so we can easily fit all the essentials in for Teddy, along with a few extra bits for me. Due to the fabric the bag is made from, it is easily wipeable so it still looks in perfect condition. I have recommended this bag to so many people due to it’s practicality. I mentioned in my previous changing bag post that I was really picky when it came to deciding what bag we wanted for Teddy & the BabyMel was the perfect choice.

Summer Essentials

  • Nappies & Wipes: We aren’t picky when it comes to wipes, we tend to opt for own brands sensitive range but we’ll just grab them from anywhere. Nappies wise we are pretty loyal to Aldi or Morrison’s Nutmeg range, we have tried others but they’ve been absolutely rubbish! We received a sample of Pampers nappies in a parenting pack & he leaked out of every one!
  • Spare Clothes: This is something we’ve always had in our changing bag but even more so now that Teddy is eating foods. We have been doing baby led weaning since Teddy was six months old and let me tell you now, it is extremely messy! No bibs can seem to contain the mess so we now always make sure we have a change of clothes for any extreme cases.
  • Sun Cream: The weather has been absolutely glorious recently, which has resulted in lots of outdoor picnics & trips to the park so sun cream is a must! I have this serious mum fear of Teddy burning so I always apply cream before we leave the house and then again throughout the day. We have been using Asda’s own sun cream, factor 50 & it’s worked perfectly so far.
  • Sun Hat: Again, with the weather, you need to take precautions. Especially for little ones. We have to sun hats that we use at the minute. One being a UV hat with a flap at the back that covers his neck & it suitable for swimming, and also a fabric hat with a Velcro fastening underneath so he can’t take it off. Well.. that was the idea but he soon figured out that if he tipped his head forward and pulled the hat down, he could slide it off. Damn kid..
  • Pain Relief: We have a few sachets of Calpol, teething gel & teething powders in his changing bag. We all know how horrible it is when your baby is in pain & you are caught short, so I like to be prepared for all aspects.
  • Antibacterial Wipes: If we are eating whilst we are out & about, we’ll get Teddy a highchair but i’m always quite funny about the hygiene & some places don’t seem to bother cleaning theirs, so I carry a packet of wipes with us to use if we need them. We also use them in changing rooms to wipe over his changing mat.
  • Metanium Nappy Cream: The best nappy cream there is. Hands down. I recommend this to ANYONE who mentions their baby having a sore bottom. One application of this & the redness will be completely gone. We carry this with us, particularly at the minute as Teddy has been teething and gets a really sore, bright red bum.
  • Snacks: One thing I’ve learnt with having a toddler is you can solve everything with a bit of food. Well.. it seems to work with Teddy. He’s definitely my child. Before we leave the house to go anywhere I always pack him a little lunchbox of snacks. This T-REX one from Mustard is our current go-to, I absolutely love it. If you are regular readers of my blog/Instagram you will know we are huge dinosaur lovers and I love forcing this on Teddy. Our go to snacks at the minute are the FRUIT BOWL YOGHURT STRAWBERRY FLAKES & the FRUIT BOWL APPLE STICKS WITH CRISPY RICE.
  • Juice: We always have a drink to hand and our favourite cup to use is the Munchkin Miracle 360 cup, it’s literally the greatest invention ever as it doesn’t leak!

As I mentioned, the weather has been a lot nice recently SHOCK so we have been enjoying lots of picnics at the local parks. If it’s just me & Teddy I will pack myself a lunchbox of my own & a drink to enjoy whilst we enjoy the sunshine. I have a similar one to Teddy but in this gorgeous pink marble design! I absolutely love Mustard’s on the go range, their selection of lunchboxes is amazing. I have the matching water infusion drinking bottle, which I have been using every morning since it arrived. I don’t always use the infusion aspects but when I do, my favourite ingredients to put in are strawberries, cucumber and fresh mint leaves.

A new addition to the changing bag which I don’t do too often is packing my laptop or I-pad to do some blogging work. Especially if we are going to the park and Teddy takes a while to eat his dinner because he is fascinated by the goings on & crawls around, I always have time to edit & import pictures or write a rough draft of a post. I absolutely love this marble laptop case, also from Mustard, for protecting my tech whilst on the go! It is really thick and cushioned so it can withstand the battering Teddy gives it. Inside it is a gorgeous bright mint green colour which is gorgeous.

I’d love to know what you pack in your toddler’s changing bag?


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  1. Great to see the amount you need doesn’t seen to reduce haha I was hoping I’d be able to downsize once Isaac was older but it appears not haha my poor back haha 🙁 xx

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