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Aaron & I have always been keen travellers, we’ve visited some amazing places in the 10 years we have been together including Mexico, Rome and Paris!

One thing we noticed when we were expecting Teddy was the amount of people who told us that we wouldn’t be able to travel as much anymore. “We wouldn’t be able to afford it, it would be too stressful & you won’t have time..” were the most common remarks we got. I was a little worried at first because travelling is one of my favourite things to do – a break from work & general home life! I know it’s going to be a whole new adventure travelling with a toddler but i’m so excited for the incredible places we’ll get to show Teddy.

About a month before Teddy was born we decided to book a Haven holiday to Wales & we had the best time! Considering it was only a short break in the UK, it is one of my favourite holidays & we really didn’t want to come home. We found an amazing deal & if you are willing to go out of season (we book for October) you can bag yourself a real bargain.

I have lots of posts planned on travelling with a toddler, so thought I would make a little series out of it – I will share the posts below to go alongside the destination we will travelling to.


We booked this back in July/August last year when Teddy was a tiny baby. We had already booked the time off work as it was supposed to be our wedding (that got cancelled due to having Teddy & no – we aren’t bothered!) so figured we deserved a treat to celebrate not getting married! We booked through Jet2 holidays as they worked out the cheapest compared to other holiday booking websites. We are going on the 24th July for 11 nights & I can’t wait! We wouldn’t usually travel in the school holidays as it is a LOT more expensive but as I mentioned we already had the time booked off for our wedding. We pay for our holidays monthly via direct debit as we simply can’t afford to pay it all off in one go cos ya know – we ain’t rich & we have done this for all our holidays. It works out best for us. As Teddy is under 2, he travels for free WOOP, although this means he doesn’t qualify for luggage, Jet2’s allowance is 22kg each for hold luggage & 10kg each for hand luggage which is plenty for us.

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We are actually travelling to Wales again with Haven & I’m so excited. Although we are visiting a different park, as the last one was brilliant with a five month old, but I feel like with a 17 month old we needed something a bit more toddler friendly. We are staying at Hafan Y Mor in Pwlheli and the park has recently had a remodel, the indoor swimming pool looks INSANE. Even the kids pool has had a revamp and I just know that Teddy is going to love it! I have been visiting Haven parks since I was a child with my family and they really hold a special place in my heart. We hope to make it a yearly tradition so Teddy will love it as much as I do. There’s something so comforting & cosy about snuggling in a caravan. My sister, brother-in-law & their three girls are actually coming along & I’m even more excited. Teddy absolutely loves his cousins and I know they’ll all have the best time together. Again we have paid for this monthly & we got a incredible deal, it worked out at £17 per month for Monday-Friday in October!



Last but by no means least… Disneyland Paris! We booked this completely on a whim in May (I think) after a received a maternity pay lump sum from work. Aaron & I have been to Disneyland once before on a day trip when we visited Paris & absolutely loved it. I am the biggest Disney fan so it really was a dream to true.

We aren’t staying in the actual parks as we are saving this for when Teddy is older, we are staying in one of the sister hotels which includes free shuttles to the parks! We saved SO much money (as in over £1000!!) doing it this way. We booked our flights & hotel through Expedia, we fly with EasyJet & are staying in the Hipark by Adagio Serris Val D’europe which is a fifteen minute walk to Disneyland (five minutes away on the free shuttle!) I have been looking at lots of blog posts & reading up on travelling to Disneyland with a toddler. You can do so much more than you’d expect! We are going Monday-Thursday, spending two full days in the parks. Eventually we will visit for longer but whilst Teddy is still so young, we’ll save that until he’s slightly older.

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Those are our travel plans for this year! I really hope you enjoyed this post & are looking forward to my blog posts I have planned for my travelling with a toddler series? We actually have our main holiday for 2019 booked (2 weeks in Salou, Spain in September) with all my family!



  • Stacey

    Travelling is GREAT but does get pretty expensive, especially when you have to go in school holidays!
    You’ve got some great places listed here! Hope you have a great time. Looking forward to reading about your trips!

  • Jasmin

    Oooooh I’m excited fo you! That’s such an impressive list of places 🙂 I’m looking forward to read about your trips as we’ll be travelling with a toddler too 🙂

    lots of love, Jasmin

  • Kirsty Hall

    You can definitely travel with littles you just have to be prepared. I found our holidays have changed – they aren’t worse just different.
    Top tip is to check out which bottled water you can use for little people in Greece as some of them have too high a mineral content for small tummies

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