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Are your kids begging for money? Do they want to go see a movie, hang out with their friends, or go on a trip with their club? Perhaps they want a pet and you’re trying to teach them how much a pet actually costs. They’ll appreciate all these activities more if they earn the money themselves! Of course, they’ll also swell with pride if they can actually afford to help take care of a dog or cat! As one method of earning extra money, you can suggest they start a temporary rubbish clearance business.

To get them started in the rubbish clearance business, you can help the kids compose an email and some social media posts to all your friends and neighbours first. Ask them to share these messages with their friends too to enlarge the pool for potential customers. The kids can also pass out fliers in the neighbourhood.

Be sure to vet thoroughly anyone they work for and it’s better for them not to work alone! so, you may want to suggest they team up with their sibling(s) or neighbourhood friend(s). They can call their new business something like, “Karen’s Rubbish Clearance Service” or even something funny like, “Outta School Rubbish Clearance Service.” You can help the kids add something like, “We help you clear cupboards, attics, garages, and other messy cluttered areas. Call or email for a quote.” Decide whether you want to charge by the hour or by the job and the kids will be off and running with their new business.

To actually clear the rubbish clearance off the client’s property, you can suggest to the kids that they “partner” with Clearabee, an on demand rubbish clearance company based in the UK and serving most areas of England, Wales, and Scotland. The kids can let their clients know in advance before they start the job that in addition to paying for their help, their client will also be responsible for paying Clearabee’s reasonable fees.

This could work one of two ways. The kids could first take a look at the proposed rubbish clearance project and then suggest that the client order a certain size beebag from Clearabee (they offer several sizes). This is a portable skip that is delivered in the post as a flat package. It is prepaid and it folds out easily. It also has handles to make it easier to move from room to room. However, the beebag can be left in place once full and the Clearabee men will come directly into that room where it is left to clear it. No one has to move it to the kerb. The beebag can also be picked up anytime at the convenience of the client. Just give Clearabee a call to schedule it.

The other option for removing the rubbish clearance is to simply call for a booking after the rubbish has been sorted into what stays and what goes. In fact, a picture of the rubbish clearance can be emailed to Clearabee and an estimate of cost to clear it will be sent back. As long as there’s no major surprises, like a hidden layer of cinder blocks in the middle of the rubbish pile, the price will remain the same.

Kids can be great helpers with clearing rubbish! They’re nimble and enthusiastic. They love hearing stories about old objects that are rediscovered in the rubbish clearance. Surprisingly too, kids tend to be really good at sorting things. It’s a skill that just comes natural to them that most of us somehow lose as adults. Kids can also be very creative and suggest ways to repurpose or upcycle some of the items in rubbish clearance.

A rubbish clearance service as a summertime job will teach kids that they can always create a job themselves rather than asking someone to hire them for a “regular” job. They’ll also learn what it feels like to earn their own money and how to deal with any problems that arise in their very own business. It’s the type of learning they’d never receive in school and can give them skills they use throughout their entire life.

Happy summer everyone! May the happy fun ball in the sky smile upon you and the rubbish clearance experience be fun too!

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