Make This Summer One To Remember



“The days are long but the years are short”- such a perfect quote to sum up parenthood. We don’t realise the changes day by day, but when we look back we see just how much our little ones have grown. They’re small for such a short amount of time, and so it makes sense to savour every moment and give them a childhood to remember fondly. Once they reach school age, we have no choice but to spend less time with our children where they’re at school all day and then in bed early, and so when it comes to the school holidays it’s well worth going all out and aiming to have as much fun as possible. The summer holidays are particularly nice, as the sun’s out and the weather is good meaning we can get outside, bond and just enjoy the company of those we love the most. If you’re set on making this summer one to remember, here’s how you can go about it.

Take a Trip

Travelling allows you to see new things, try different activities and generally have lots of fun. It could be anything from a weekend to a fortnight- you could go abroad or just stay local and go camping. Camping is a fun, wholesome family activity that everyone can enjoy. It’s inexpensive, all you need is some basic gear and you can use it year after year- click for more. You could hire an RV and go on a road trip, or you could drive somewhere and stay in a budget motel if you don’t have a lot of money. It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive, pack a picnic into a cool bag and take your own food and drinks. Visit parks, museums, galleries and sight see in the area you’re visiting, these are all free things to do. If you have friends or family members in other cities, how about asking if you can stay with them? They can host you, and next time you can host them at your place.

Get Social

Spending time with your own little family unit is so important, but what can make things extra fun is to get social. Throw a party- a barbeque, garden party or picnic in the park all work well this time of year and invite all of your loved ones along. It doesn’t have to be anyone’s birthday or a special occasion, decide on a date and invite people to come. If you’re working with a smaller budget, go ‘potluck’ style where everyone brings a dish they’ve cooked themselves and something to drink and you can all sample each other’s food. Children get to play with their friends and family members and you get to catch up with everyone too. It’s these kinds of occasions that really create memories.

Do Things Together

Lavishing your time on your children is something that they want above anything else. So coming up with some fun activities you can do together is one of the best ways to make the summer one to remember. How about planting some seeds in the garden together and tending to them each day until they flourish? You could cook or bake together, play games, just do anything interactive that involves giving them your full attention.

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