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I have decided, along with my lovely friend GEORGIA, to turn Five Things into a monthly linky & we’d love for you to join in! You can find out all about the “FIVE THINGS” linky on this post, which has all the information & rules.

If you read my FIVE THINGS | APRIL post, you will know that every month (ish), I will be sharing with you five things that I have loved over the past month whether that be a specific tv show, a day out or something I have been using, however the only rule is that it can’t be anything to do with Teddy. These five things have to be things OUTSIDE of motherhood. I love being a mummy & Teddy is a constant favourite, but I do think it is important to focus on the things you love besides that.



This actually happened in April but because I took a bit of a blogging hiatus (read as: I had a creative meltdown and no motivation to do anything) I haven’t had chance to mention it on here! I mentioned on Twitter & Instagram that we were thinking of booking a trip to Disneyland in October when Teddy will be 17 months old & the majority of people said to go for it! I read lots of blog posts & tips on visiting Disney with a little one & I was so happy to see that there is so much to do! We found an amazing deal for flights & the hotel, we couldn’t pass it up. I am planning a full blog post on our travel plans for 2018, so I’ll share more then.


Who doesn’t love a BBQ?! We have been so lucky recently with the weather & enjoying a BBQ is one of my favourite things to do once the sun is out. Not just for the yummy food (but mainly…) but for the fact that all my family gets together, the kids play in the paddling pool, my dad plays chef & it’s just so relaxing. I always feel at my most calm when i’m with my family.


Is anyone else obsessed with their new song?! “If You’re Over Me” (for those who aren’t sure) I have been listening to it on repeat for a couple of weeks now & I can’t see that stopping anything soon. You can’t listen to that song & NOT dance around the room. If you haven’t listened to it yet, I insist you do!!!!


I have been reading so much more over the past month or two – both kindle & physical books! To be honest I think that is why my blog took a bit of a nose dive in April, I was spending all my free time reading instead. I’m quite glad as reading is always something I’ve done. To relax, unwind and just get completely lost in a book. Blogging started out as a hobby but recently it had started to feel like a bit of a chore & that’s never what it was about. However taking a month or so off has sparked my love for blogging again & I have so many ideas. I now make sure that I read a little bit every day. Whether that is just during Teddy’s nap time or a huge reading session on the nights when i’m not blogging. It’s important to me.


We’ve had Now TV for a couple of months now & it was made for me! I won’t ever get rid of Netflix because it has series that are exclusive to them that I watch & they can have semi decent stuff, but Now TV has my heart when it comes to binge watching tv shows. I have the entertainment pass as I much prefer wasting my day watching a tv series than I do a film. I am currently watching Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives *YAY* & Teen Mom UK because… why the hell not! I’m a sucker for that show.



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You can read Georgia’s FIVE THING post on her blog now!

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  • Georgia

    Love your five things ? I’d love to take Stanley to Disneyland (Disney world in Florida is definately on the bucket list when he’s a bit older) so I can’t wait to see your trip later in the year!!! ?

  • Laura

    I’ve not listened to the Years and Years song but you can bet I’ve just opened YouTube to put it on! I can’t wait to take Emily to Disneyland for the first time. We have half agreed to take her when she’s 3 so we still have ages to wait! I love reading too although I haven’t done much of it recently. I should do it in Emily’s nap times but I can never guess how much time i’ll have so I do other things like shower and brush my teeth and eat :’)

    I love the idea of this linky and I will definitely try my best to join in next month! xx

  • Claire

    Hey darling!! I’ve added my link up, I really enjoyed doing this actually, it was nice to reflect on things that have made me happy over the last month (especially with a tough ending). I am so SO excited for you going to Disneyland and I cannot wait to hear more about it and see the pictures when you go! And I’m so so gutted because we haven’t had a BBQ this year but all the disposable ones keep selling out in my local stores when the sun gets stronger, I’ll have to keep going to nab one because I am craving one so bad! Along with the Ice cold cola hahaha! Also, I saw the screenshot for the new Years and Years song the other day but I’ve actually never listened to them so I’m definitely going to go listen now! xx

  • Victoria Austin

    Hi Rachael, I found your blog from the linky. I’m a definite NOW TV fan too, there’s so many fab shows on there. It’s been a while since I’ve seen it but Desperate Housewives used to be one of my all time faves, I may have to give it a watch again soon. x

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