Bedtime Essentials For My One Year Old.

bedtime essentials

bedtime essentials

Bedtime is a very touchy subject for me. Not my bedtime, I like to be tucked up in bed by 9pm (at the latest LOL) with as little wake ups as possible, but Teddy’s bedtime is a whole other story. As soon as anyone asks about Teddy’s sleeping, I instantly get my back up and go on the defensive “what the fuck it gotta do with you Karen?!” Where Teddy may not have his sleeping fully figured out, we do have our go to products that we like to use every night as part of his bedtime routine.


Who am I kidding?

He is bathed & ready for bed by 6:20ish, but anything after that is anyone’s guess. On a good day (and more often than not, to be fair to the kid) he is boobed & asleep in his cot by 7/7:15pm, last night? He was rolling around dancing to Princess Poppy on YouTube at half 10. See what I mean?

Here are our favourite things to use every night to help knock the kid out…(FIGURATIVLY…not literally)

JOHNSON’S BABY BEDTIME BUBBLE BATH: We have used this religiously since Teddy was born & absolutely love it. Every time I smell it on him, it takes me back to the tiny newborn days & it’s really comforting to me. It leaves his skin smelling delicious and isn’t drying at all.

THE ESSENTIAL ONE SLEEPSUITS*: Teddy in a sleepsuit is my favourite thing ever. He doesn’t wear them as much at the minute with the warmer weather but come winter… he’ll be spending every night in a snuggly baby grow and these from The Essential One are a literal essential. They are the SOFTEST baby grow ever, the fabric is incredible & they wash amazingly as well. They have so many lovely designs & patterns to choose from, which isn’t good for my bank card!

CHILD’S FARM MOISTURISER, GRAPEFRUIT & ORGANIC TEA TREE OIL*: We have been using this on Teddy for around four months & we love it. It smells amazing & fresh, with the grapefruit which is my FAV! I love any fruity, citrusy scents so this moisturiser is right up my street. I love that it is made for sensitive skin, which Teddy doesn’t have but it’s always nice to know that you are giving your baby that extra protection and moisture. We use this all over Teddy’s body and use it for his baby massage, which isn’t the relaxing experience it once was to be honest. Now it’s more like wrestling a full grown adult crocodile, pinning him down whilst we smother him in the moisturiser quickly.

METANIUM: AKA THE ASS CREAM OF THE GODS. We picked this up when Teddy was a couple of weeks old because his perfect peachy lil’ ass had gotten nappy rash & I was on the verge of a meltdown. No word of a lie, one application of this & his bum was as good as new!!!! We use this whenever Teddy has the slightest indication of a sore bum and it literally disappears overnight. One word of advice: it stains everything & no matter how quick you try & get the lid back on, the yellow cream of ass dreams will ooze out. Accept it, embrace it & move on.

DREAM CATCHERS PILLOW SPRAY: If you haven’t seen the Bloom & Blossom BFG collection, where the hell have you been?! As soon as I spotted the collection on Giovanna Fletcher’s Instagram stories, I knew I had to have it. I actually purchased the limited edition Bath, Book & Bedtime Gift set which is honestly so special & perfect. It features the pillow mist (which smells DELIGHTFUL!), a gorgeous hardcover edition of The BGF & a lovely bag to hold it all. Which we now use for Teddy’s clean nappy & pyjamas ready for bed. The spray has scents of lavender, satsuma & sweet orange, plus so many more relaxing, calming smells.

SLEEPY FEET FOOT OIL: We have been using this sleep oil for around three months & the bottle is only just running on the last little bit! We apply this to Teddy’s feet, temples & behind his ears, before massaging it in. This is another product that smells so relaxing!!!! With the notes of lavender & Mandarin, it smells so nice & the smell also really lasts which I like. One thing I have noticed since using this is that Teddy’s nightmares have come to a complete stop! Before using this, he was waking up hysterical in the night. For £12 a bottle, which lasts 2/3 months – I think it’s so well priced and it’s just a lovely product to use.

What are your bedtime essentials? I’d love to know if you use any of these products?



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