A Father’s Day Thank You

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father's day

When Teddy was a month old, I wrote Aaron a letter on my blog. I am not one for public displays of affection, they literally make me want to vomit & my vag cringes. However, one thing I think I am good with is words. Online or on paper. Never out loud. Public speaking is another thing that makes me want to die. There are so many things going on in our lives at once that I never sit back and tell Aaron what I am most grateful for. Especially when it comes to him. I figured it’s been almost exactly one year since I wrote that letter and I would like to say thank you.

Thank You For…

  • Letting Me Be A Bit Shit: I’ve never hid the fact that I’ve found motherhood bloody hard & on the days you see me struggling to keep my head afloat, you swoop in & save me. You play, giggle & chase Teddy whilst I lock myself in the kitchen to clean or have a lie in. You know when I need you most.
  • Helping In The Night: When Teddy was tiny I solely did the night wake ups because he would always want feeding. Now though, he is perfectly happy with a Daddy cuddle & you are more than happy (more often than not) to go into him & try to settle him.
  • Never Commenting On My Chewbacca Legs: Not so much now, because of the weather & ya know.. the legs are out, but BEFORE the warm weather hit… I had a nice extra insulated layer of hair that you’d still lovingly stroke. I know you were probably too scared to comment in case I ripped your face off, but still… god love ya.
  • Letting Me Binge Watch Trash TV: You know I love me some Teen Mom UK & although you have no idea what the fuck is going on, I can see the look of disgust on your face but you never ask me to switch it off.
  • Biggin’ Me Up: You always compliment me, even when I look like I’ve been dragged through a burning bush that is covered in cow faeces. I love that you still find me attractive even after witnessing a tiny human being dragged out my vagina.
  • When I Overshare: I am not one for mincing my words or beating around the bush, sharing is caring and all that. I am known for oversharing things that you really don’t need/want to know about but you just smile & nod.

Some Thank You’s From Other Mama’s…

“Taking on a child, when he got with me. He didnt have too, he could have walked away. Now their bond is unbreakable! Thank you for being you!” – MY GIRLS & ME

“When I gave birth to my first daughter Matilda 5 years ago, I ended up getting septicemia and then severe sepsis. I ended up in hospital in a side room and my husband was told there was a chance he could lose me, it was that bad he was allowed to stay overnight in the room with me every night. He remained so strong and looked after Matilda and me, not just whilst we had our hospital stay but once we were home too. He really is an amazing man. He would stay up all through the night when Matilda wouldn’t sleep and then would go to work all day to provide for us. Love him to bits. He’s the best daddy (to our two girls as we have since had Jemima now aged 2) and the best husband to me.” – SMALL HOUSE BIG TRIPS

“The biggest thing my sons dad has done has to be staying home and providing absolutely everything for my little family while I work the most unpredictable, awkward shifts. It wasn’t originally out of choice but him and our little boy have the most amazing bond. My boy is now 2 & only speaks a bit but if he’s not in the same room as his dad he always asks “where’s dadda gone?” even after the 50th time of telling him it’s still so so bloody lovely. He is literally his mini me. No matter what his dad is doing he has to be by his side and I just love that and I’m so so happy my other half has been there for us through any stress and worries and the most recent traumatic times. But we’re doing okay and my boy bloody adores his daddy so much.” – Dear Mummy Bear

“Even though my husband and our 2 boys dad suffers with mild sleep apnea he’ll often get up in the night to them. He knows how much I struggle with little sleep so helps me out as much as he can. He’d much rather be tired than see me struggle.” – HOME FAMILY LIFE

“My husband works away in order for me to only work part time and enjoy my time with the girls. He used to be away in the Middle East for 8 weeks at a time but now has a new job where he’s home every weekend. He hates the job but is staying there for the next few years for me to pursue going back to university to better myself. If/when I qualify we can afford for him to have a job where he’s home every night.” – THEN THERE WERE THREE

“My step dad understood when I wanted to find my dad and supported me when he tossed me aside and wasn’t interested. My step dad is the only father figure who ever made me feel worth something and is as good as a dad to me.” – JUST AVERAGE JEN

My boyfriend has worked super hard this last year to ensure that I can stay at home and be a full time parent to our two year old and has even worked 7 days a week to save a deposit to purchase our first home.” – FAB FAT MAMA


I am usually very organised when it comes to Father’s Day & buying gifts for people, however this year… I aint. I think because we’ve had Teddy’s birthday, MY birthday (which is today FYI) and getting ready for our holiday next month, it’s just completely slipped my mind. I discovered the website BORN GIFTED after they sent me a gorgeous personalized passport cover for Teddy & they have a fantastic Father’s Day gift range & they offer the option to guarantee next day delivery, which is ideal for someone who’s forgotten…. oops.


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