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Aaron, Teddy & I are travelling quite a lot this year – visiting Greece, Disneyland Paris & Wales all within a few months & we are so excited. In the ten years that Aaron & I have been together we have travelled to some amazing places including Mexico & Rome, and we knew when we had Teddy that we still wanted to visit new places & give him the chance to travel. When you tell people you are having a baby, they feel the need to inform you that you that you won’t be able to go on holiday for years or that you’ll never leave the country again but I call BULLSHIT. We have already booked our family holiday abroad for next year – the key is to book in advance to give yourself plenty of time to save & pay for it.

I am determined that I want to take some great travel photography for Instagram and here on my blog, I have so many blog posts I want to write based around travelling & in particular travelling with a toddler. I spend hours perusing (read as stalking) travel bloggers & vloggers on Instagram, & I in no way expect my photography to be anywhere near as good as theirs but it doesn’t hurt to have some inspiration. One day I am determined to own a drone camera for incredible footage & a GoPro for those amazing underwater shots!

Here is a incredibly useful travel photography guide that may help, even me, the ultimate amateur photographer!

travel photography


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