Top Tips For Keeping A Clean Home

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Four Top Tips for Keeping a Clean Home

A busy family home is often a hive of activity. Whether it’s family activities on the weekend, or just day-to- day life during the week, there’s always something happening. Although it’s interesting, and definitely keeps us on our toes, it often means there’s one thing that’s completely unavoidable – THE MESS. One minute your home could be a clean haven, the next it can look like an absolute bombsite. Whilst it’s a given that your home will be messy from time to time, there are some tips and tricks you can use. We’ve gathered 4 of our favourite ways of preventing hourly cleaning by keeping on top of mess. One job I really hate is cleaning the windows, it is really messy & takes forever to make sure they are streak free! I found some great money saving tips for window treatments.

Take off your shoes

Most homes already operate this rule, however it’s important to stick to it. If you don’t already have this rule in place in your home, you should definitely consider it. Shoes can trail dirt, leaves, rubbish and much more into your home. It can be easy to fall out of the habit and keep them on in you’re in a rush, but this is where the dirt can build up and leave you with mess to clean in the future. Teaching your children to take their shoes off is also important – it’s no secret that they’ll be the main culprits when it comes to dirt! A dedicated place to store your shoes may be needed, though. Having shoes laying around at your front door might do more harm than good, and will make the place look untidy.

Clean As You Go

This is one of the simplest cleaning tips to implement, but it can make a big difference once you get into the habit. In the kitchen: after washing your hands, dishes or food, wash away and residue before drying your sink. By doing this, you prevent water spots from forming, which make the surface look grubby and dirty – even if it’s perfectly clean. Drying after use will keep your sink shining for longer. This doesn’t just go for the sink, either. Baths and showers are guilty for collecting dirt, and a quick rinse after use will prevent it building up. When you’re cooking,
try to keep surfaces clean along the way. Make sure there’s hot soapy water ready for when you need to clean utensils. If you’ve got wood or laminate flooring anywhere in your home, you’ll need to clean any spillages instantly to prevent moisture damage. Getting into the habit of cleaning as you go can save you time and money in the future!

Preparation is key

Getting ready for the day is important, and by planning the night before you can stay organised. Plan the meals (you can do this weekly to prevent food wastage, as well), organise your day and get clothes out ready. If you’ve got children, they can even help with getting their own clothes out. It’s a good little ritual to get
into, and it will save you so much time in the morning. If there’s anything you know you need for tomorrow, such as presentations for work or gifts you need to drop off, either keep them by the door you will leave out of, or pack the car. This way, you’re not rushing and turning the house upside down looking for important things – which often means making a mess in the process.

Make Cleaning Into A Game

This one works better if you’ve got children – unless your partner is easily influenced by fun games, of course. Cleaning the house can be made into a fun family activity by creating games. Friendly competition is a good thing, and if it cleans the house quicker it’s a win-win! Challenge your little ones (or partner) to collect as many toys and items of clothing that are laying around within a specific timeframe. Before long, you’ll have a much tidier house and a new game to play!

What other cleaning tips have you picked up recently?

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