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01. What were you not expecting/not prepared for before becoming a parent?

The constant need for attention. I know that probably sounds stupid because, I mean, HELLO you are responsible for keeping the tiny human alive but since they day we brought him home I’ve been at the beck and call of a tiny demanding he-beast. You are extremely lucky if you get two minutes to yourself. To eat….or rock in a corner and cry.

02. What is your main piece of advice for new parents?

Enjoy the newborn days. I know, I know they’re awful and feel never ending but before you know it you’ll be two weeks away from their first birthday (SOB) and you’d give anything to go back.

03. How do you encourage family time at home?

Me & Aaron work our shifts around each other so we don’t have to pay for childcare (it’s hell-a expensive!) which means that we don’t get as much together as we’d like to so one thing we make sure we do every night is sit and eat as a family. It’s one of the main reasons we chose to do baby led weaning as it meant we could all sit together and eat.

04. How do you balance being a blogger with parental duties?

Honestly? I don’t. I try but it’s really bloody hard. I’ve recently had a month off blogging as I was starting to feel completely overwhelmed! I tend to blog once Teddy has gone to bed as I can completely focus on what I am doing.

05. What was your favourite toy growing up?

Polly Pockets!…..I bloody loved those tiny plastic dolls all through my childhood. I used to play for HOURS with them on my window sill. I had all different play sets and my biggest regret is that I don’t have them anymore! I was also a huge Barbie fan… and the Animal Hospital toys!!! Who remembers those?!!

06. Have you kept any of your toys from your childhood?

The only “toy” I have is a couple of soft toys – including my quite tatty bear which I’ve had for as long as I can remember. She lives on my window sill in my bedroom and Teddy will get her down to play with if he’s in our room. I also have my TY Beanies in a box (with their labels attached – I was told they would be worth a fortune one day HA) ready for Teddy to play with. Carefully…..

07. What are your children’s favourite toys?

Teddy loves his cuddly toys – at the minute his favourite is Louie the Monkey which we got him from Build-A-Bear, he makes monkey noises and he loves it! He also loves anything musical! The noisier the better… Shape sorters are also a firm favourite, he loves filling and emptying.

08. Do you actively limit the amount of screen time your kids have?

I am one of those awful parents that has tv on all the time. I need background noise 24/7. No word of a lie – I even need it to fall asleep. I get very anxious and paranoid when I am home alone with Teddy and listen out for every single noise, so I actually have the television on as a distraction. Don’t worry I don’t just dump him in front of it and leave him there all day. We tend to watch cartoons first thing in the morning whilst I get his breakfast ready and then again just before we have tea.

09. How do you reduce plastic waste in your home? – Reusable bottles, buying wooden toys, avoiding excessive food packaging, etc.?

I have to admit that I am not great at this but I am trying to get better! We do own lots of wooden toys, use reusable bags and recycle which I see as a step in the right direction! I am completely on board with the supermarkets who are aiming to go plastic-free and I can’t wait to see the change.

10. What advice would you give to parents who want to start blogging?

Go for it – what have you got to lose?! If you are in it for quick money or to get sent free things, then don’t bother. Do it if you feel you have a story to share or something you want to get off your chest. I love finding new parenting blogs to read – especially the ones I can really relate to!


I tag Claire, Eileen , Zoe and Georgia!

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