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April Favourites

Just like that…May is upon us. A year ago today was Teddy’s due date, meaning in 10 days time my little boy will be one. I didn’t think i’d be one of those parents who got all sentimental about their baby turning one – it’s just a birthday right? WRONG. I can’t even think about it without getting emosh.

It’s been a while since I shared my monthly favourites so I figured it was about time I let you have a nosy at all the things I’ve loved this month; there is a whole mix of beauty, cleaning products (obvs) and technology! I have also thrown in some of Teddy’s favourites to give you an idea of what he’s really been enjoying recently.



01. Umberto Giannini 60 Second Smooth Pre-Shampoo Treatment is a recent purchase but my god! I use this twice a week, applying it as soon as I get in the shower and leaving it to work its magic whilst I have a wash ect, then wash it out & carry on with my usual hair care routine. Since using this I have found that my hair is so much stronger (my hair post-partum is awful, it literally snaps & falls out in clumps usually when I wash it), don’t get me wrong some hairs still come out but nowhere near as much. On the days when I use this my hair feels SO soft and it’s much easier to manage.

02. Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede Cologne I absolutely LOVE this scent, it’s a very close second to my much loved ALIEN by Mugler. I treated myself to the full sized bottle where as in the past I have always bought the smaller 30ml but they never last long! This is my go to Spring/Summer scent with its floral & sweet notes. I actually reviewed this perfume originally on my blog WAY back when I bought my first Jo Malone in 2013!

03. Kindle App – long term readers of my blog will know that I love reading and it’s my favourite thing to do when I have a spare minute. I have always been a avid reader but since having Teddy it has taken a while for me to get back into it & actually pick up a book. However over the past month I have managed to read five books (one was an audiobook “Scrappy Little Nobody by Anna Kendrick and I can’t recommend it enough!) and it’s all thanks to my kindle app! I can read easily during Teddy’s naps & his bedtime boob, without worrying that I’m going to drop a physical book on his head – which YES has happened..

The kindle app is free & I have it on my phone and I-pad. I tend to use my iPad on holiday to read as its bigger – I have actually asked for the new kindle paper white for my birthday but we’ll see…

04.Zoflora because who the hell doesn’t love Zoflora?!!!! I have been using this since I moved out of my family home, almost five years ago! Since then they have released some amazing new scents including their latest addition which I finally managed to get my hands on in Asda after weeks of searching. I have a full blog post on all my favourite uses for Zoflora!

05.Grey’s Anatomy – late to the bandwagon I know, especially when there is currently 500 seasons to catch up on! I started watching Greys about four years ago & loved it but after THAT death in season 6 – when you know you know – I turned it off and never looked back. However after seeing a few of my friends talking about the newer series I decided to give it another go and I’m loving it even more than the first time round! I’m currently on season…eight, so still a way to go but I trying to pace myself.


01. Child’s Farm Moisturiser has been a firm favourite in our bath time routine from the get-go with Teddy. It smells really citrusy with the Grapefruit and leaves his skin really soft! I particularly like this range because it’s specifically designed for delicate skin which Teddy doesn’t have but it’s nice knowing that we aren’t using anything too harsh on his delicious baby soft skin.

02.Raisins – Teddy’s current favourite food to munch on! He first had these when he was at my sisters for lunch and practically inhaled them. He now has them pretty much everyday for a snack or with one of his meals.

03.Teletubbies – I can luckily fully get on board with this! I don’t mind the CBeebies channel as it has some quite sweet programs. Teddy will stop whatever he is doing when Teletubbies comes on and become fixated on the tv. He loves animated and cartoons but he ain’t about the whole “real life, actual people” shows.

04.Swings! At the park obviously…. he loves them. We’ve been going to the park quite a lot through April as the weather finally seemed to pick up – that heatwave WOOOO! He giggles his little head off as soon as we put him in and that continues until we take him out again. Does anyone else feel serious mum guilt when it’s time to leave the park? Teddy doesn’t mind but I feel like I’m ruining the fun… PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER WOMAN!

05. Sleepy Feet Foot Oil – We actually purchased this about two months ago & have used it religiously every night since. I don’t usually give into any ‘baby sleep hype’ products but I really liked the sound of this lovely bedtime oil. I won’t say it’s worked wonders but I’ve definitely noticed we have a lot more GOOD nights than we used to. He falls asleep much easier, sleeps in longer stretches (he is currently only waking up once & has done for a few weeks now!). It has a really lovely lavender scent which I always relate to bedtime. It’s relaxing for both me & Teddy!

Those are my April favourites, i’d love to know if there is anything in particular you’ve been loving this month?

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