4 Mistakes That Every Parent Makes

 I thought I would share four mistakes that every parent makes – they can’t be helped  but it’s so easy to feel alone and panic that it’s only you who feels certain ways when it comes to parenting

01. Comparing Yourself To Others – if you read my The Pressures Of Motherhood post you will know that this is one thing I am a bugger for. It’s so easy to get sucked into what everyone else is doing, especially with social media. Who’s child is sleeping through? Who’s child is eating wonderfully prepared, fresh & healthy meals? The spotless houses, the dressed to the nine mothers – then there is me. Teddy loves turkey dinosaurs and potato waffles. He’s also partial to a little bit of chocolate. My house is a shit tip & I look like I constantly get ready in the dark. My hair pretty much puts itself in a top knot because it’s all I ever fucking do with it. My nipples are tickling my toes with my boring ass but oh so comfy nursing bras. It’s so easy to look at what everyone else is doing & instantly think it’s YOU that is doing it wrong.

02. Second Guessing Yourself – Something else I am guilty of! Every decision I’ve ever made about Teddy has been met with me questioning myself for about a week before. I then do the ONE thing no parent should ever do and Google. When will I learn?! I could Google that I have a headache and before I know it I have a tumour the size of Ireland & only 24 hours to live. Are you really a parent though if you don’t worry that one wrong move will fuck your child up forever?

03. Letting Others Undermine You – I shared Five Types Of People That Piss Me Off Now I’m A Parent and briefly touched on this but by Christ, there is nothing worse than ALREADY doubting yourself and then having someone relay those doubts to you with their own fucking opinion. WHO ASKED YOU KAREN? NOBODY! One lesson I have learnt as a mother is to stick to your guns. Make your decision, stand by it & own it! Who cares if your in-laws think that co-sleeping is the worst thing in the world, who CARES if they think that formula is poison? This is your baby. It’s about time people remembered that.

04. Putting Too Much Pressure On Yourself – The issue with ALL parenting. The pressure. What’s worse than the pressure from other people, is the pressure you put on yourself! It’s about time we started cutting ourselves a bit of slack. It’s so easy to forget what an amazing job we are all doing and at the end of the day all we can do is our best and what we think is best for our babies.

Have you made any of these “mistakes”?

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  1. I’m guilty of pretty much all of these! I feel like the older he’s getting the more relaxed I’m getting, it sounds bizarre but I’m just kind of accepting things will fall into place … he will eventually sleep, I mean he’s got to right!? If I could go back and do it all again I’d have definitely been more confident in the decisions I made and not let so many people undermine my decisions constantly – it’s amazing how having child changes your friendships / relationships with your family so much 🙁

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