The moment Teddy goes to sleep at night (and I say the word sleep very loosely) is when I finally start to relax. The stresses of the day give way to a feeling of tranquillity that, painfully, doesn’t last very long! We all get stressed as parents, and we need to learn how to control this stress. But we also need to learn to look after ourselves, so, with the fact that the only time you have to yourself is when your kids go to bed, what can you do to maximize the time before you go to sleep, and it all begins again tomorrow morning? Ahh parenthood….

Do Your Beauty/Skincare Routine

Stress results in unsightly wrinkles. By having a proper skincare routine every night, you are doing your best to offset the signs of aging. So, once the kids have gone to bed, it can be tempting to get the chocolates out, but instead, sit down, have a big glass of water, and do some facial exercises, massage your face, but also use some quality products. Take the time to wash your face with a proper exfoliant, and moisturise your face so that it has the opportunity to absorb the oils. THEN reach for the chocolate 😉

Put Your Phone Away

Once you’ve had the opportunity to pamper yourself, no doubt you’re feeling good, and you don’t need to get your phone out to idly scroll social media. And, as you won’t be awake for too long, it’s at this point where your phone should go away. If you stare at this bright light just before you go to bed, it will seriously damage your quality of sleep. If you really need to look at your phone, put a filter on it so that it’s not so harsh on your eyes. But it’s all the better if you hide your phone, and all electronics, until tomorrow morning.

I actually turn my phone on “night time” mode as soon as I get in bed now. That way I don’t get distracted or woken up by buzzing from incoming emails & texts.

Lay Out Your Clothes For Tomorrow

It’s not just about preparing your clothes, but you can take this opportunity to prepare everything for tomorrow. By laying your clothes out, you’re giving yourself a head start for the day so that you don’t stress out tomorrow morning, rushing around trying to find the right clothes to suit your mood. Instead, take the opportunity to do what many presidents and business leaders have done before, and lay all your clothes out, to reduce what is called decision fatigue. And while you’re at it, start to plan most of the things for tomorrow that you can control right now.

Write Everything Down

Have you struggled to get off to sleep because there’s been something playing on your mind? It doesn’t have to be something big, it could be you just trying to remember to buy an item of food. Instead, before you go to bed, do a “brain dump” – write everything down that’s on your mind, and leave it there. If anything comes into your head just before you drift off to sleep, write it down, and it will be there tomorrow. If you have a problem that is weighing heavily on you, a trick many people do is to list the pros and cons of a certain dilemma and go to sleep. You will find that your subconscious has made the decision for you! Really!

You need rejuvenating sleep, and when the kids have gone to bed, it’s important to look after yourself in these twilight hours. If you don’t, you’re not going to be fighting fit, and you’re not going to be looking after your kids as well as you should.


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