Internet Detox – Things You Can Do That Don’t Require The Internet.

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I spend a shocking amount of time on the internet, i’m not gonna lie. I can’t even say it’s always for my blog or promoting my blog posts. More often than not it is spent mindlessly scrolling through Instagram or Twitter with no actual point to it. I can’t even cook tea in the kitchen without having insta-stories playing in front of me.


I am the queen of procrastinating and I think “oh i’ll just upload a quick picture to Instagram” and before you know it i’m a whole hour, balls deep, into some random profile stalking their pictures from Greece in 2016.  Trust me, that actually does happen! I’m not one of those people that could “quit” the internet, it just aint me. I do however think it’s important to take a step back from your phone, put it down & turn it off. Even just for a few hours. It’s crazy how much better you’ll feel just for taking that short break. I thought I would give you a quick run down of all the things I enjoy doing when i’m not on my phone…


If you’ve followed my blog for a while (or any of my social medias) you will know that I am a huge lover of books. I always have been! I was brought up reading or being read to, and that has very much continued on into adulthood. I used to spend a fortune on new books, browsing the latest releases on Amazon and pre-ordering any books that peaked my interest. However since having Teddy, my priorities have changed and gone are the days of spending endless amounts of money on books that, let’s be honest, could be spent elsewhere. Think along the lines of baby clothes, decorations for his nursery.. I mean I said my priorities had changed, not me. Let’s be real now.

On a Monday Teddy & I attend a story time & singing play session at our local library & I realised that I hadn’t been to our library since I was a little girl & my mum used to take me and my brother to pick some books every couple of weeks. I instantly signed myself AND Teddy up and we pop in every couple of weeks to choose some new books. I absolutely LOVE reading & I try to read a little every night before I go to sleep to really wind down.


Me & Aaron are both such pains for doing this! Putting off jobs that we know need doing and we actually WANT doing just through pure “we can’t be arsed right now”. They aren’t even massive jobs, it’s just little ones here & there that won’t take any time at all. After you’ve been parenting all day, in the evenings you just want to sit and relax (read as: tidy up the endless amounts of toys your baby has thrown all over the house), the last thing I want to be doing is putting some shelves up in our utility room or putting the blinds up in Teddy’s bedroom. It’s crazy how much you will get done if you don’t have your phone as a distraction.


Now I am back at work I have been trying to batch cook meals & snacks for Teddy, so when I am working I know Aaron can just grab something super quick and easy for him to eat. It also makes it easier for me to just throw something in the microwave to heat up. I actually really enjoy shutting myself in the kitchen for an hour with music playing.


Since having Teddy, one thing I really enjoy is going for a walk with him in his pram. We either go to the local parks with Aaron (when he’s off work) or sometimes we just walk into the local village, pop to the supermarket ect. You don’t have to go on a 10 mile trek. Just getting outside for twenty minutes can make the world of difference. When I first had Teddy I found it really hard work & suffocating staying in all day so we used to go for walks a few times a week and it really did me the world of good.


Don’t ask me what my favourite film is because it will take me about ten minutes to decide. I’ll flit between Pretty Woman, Moulin Rouge, back to Pretty Woman..then i’ll throw Dirty Dancing into the mix. It’s just too damn hard to pick! However one thing I do to unwind and distract me from my phone and online life, is watch one of my most familiar and comforting films. There’s something so relaxing about watching a film you’ve already seen fifty times, but you love it just as much as you did the first time you watched it.


Whether it’s an extra five minutes in the shower or taking half an hour to tend to your overgrown lady garden. It’s the little things that can make all the difference.


An actual real life conversation! Not a DM or a Facebook comment. Ring your best friend and have a chat. Or even better, invite them round. Me & my best friend get together every couple of weeks, we’ll eat all the food & watch reality tv. Keeping Up With The Kardashians is a first favourite at the minute.


I LOVE taking pictures but rather than reaching for my phone & it’s suddenly shitty quality camera (fucking Apple & their shit iphones), I am trying to put more effort into using my Canon! I have taken some really beautiful pictures of Teddy over the past couple of weeks and I can’t wait to get them printed and framed. There’s something so special about capturing the moment – especially when they grow so quickly. I love looking back at all mine & Aaron’s pictures from when we first got together, almost ten years ago!


In the evenings I like to get my blogging planner out and jotting down any ideas for blog posts I want to write or photos I want to take for my blog or Instagram. I turn my phone onto night mode, put it screen down on my bedside table and try to get organised. I also spend this time planning next weeks meals or writing a shopping list. Use some of your internet free time to be productive – you’ll feel better for it!


I would love to know what you do with your internet free time?

What’s your favourite film?


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  1. Its too easy to spend half the day on your phone isn’t it? Its definitely essential to put it down at times and have those real conversations with people. Going out for coffee or lunch is the perfect way to do this I find! It makes me sad to look around a cafe/restaraunt to see people on their phones! X

  2. “Get those jobs done you’ve been putting off” YES! I have a weekly long to do list I write down and leave on the kitchen side. “Paint toe nails” has been on there since I got back from the hospital with Theodore… 8 weeks ago.
    I’m ashamed. I just love my phone too much…
    god help me!

    Much love, Caitylis x x

  3. I don’t think I could do a internet detox or quit the internet all together, I’m an internet addict! I can’t imagine a world without it now

  4. Love it! I’m definitely guilty for spending far too much time on my phone some days!!

  5. I definitely needed this post because I am way too obsessed with my phone/the internet ! I really want to bake more & take more walks ! Thanks for the ideas babe xxx
    Saira xxx

  6. Love this! I’m so guilty of saying ‘Oh I din’t find time to do that…’ when in reality I’ve spent all evening stalking about complete strangers on Instagram or even more tragic, playing Candy Crush. I’m definitely going to take some of these ideas on board…maybe even pick up my book which has sat gathering dust on the side for the past months!! x

  7. I’m planning on having an internet detox this week and get on board with planning again, it’s so good just to wind down and recharge your batteries isn’t it?! I’m going to pick up a book I keep putting off reading tonight because holy crap, Imogen’s gone bed at 8! Crazy! And my favourite film is Labyrinth. Sucker for David Bowie anything!

  8. ‘spend 30 minutes tending to your overgrown lady garden’ has absolutely killed me off :’) I’m so guilty of sitting just staring at my phone when I know full well I have stuff to be getting on with. My house needs a clean, Emilys toys need putting away, the washing needs sorting but instagram needs scrolling through, and I NEED to open Twitter on my phone even though it’s open on a tab on my laptop too. I’m going to try prioritise my time better so that I’m productive online and offline during Emilys naptimes!

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