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If you read my post last week about the pressures of motherhood, you will know that I have been having a pretty crappy time recently, however this week is a fresh start & I feel so much better. I have decided to start a new series on my blog where at the end of every month I will list five things that have made me happy this month. I have decided that I am going to make them BABY FREE. They will be things that make me happy outside of motherhood. Is that selfish? Probably. Do I care? Absolutely not. Here is the first edition…



Big Little Lies

I know, I am very late to the party with this but oh my god (note: this is said in Janice’s voice. If ya know, ya know) I am obsessed! We only have an episode left & I am so sad that it isn’t back until next year. I love the characters & the different relationships. I also absolutely love the location it is set in! It seems to idyllic, a little dysfunctional and I don’t think my loner self could handle the cliquey mums? Also, Reece Witherspoon?! HELLO NEW CRUSH. She looks amazing & I love her sassy, not shit attitude character.

Booking Our 2019 Summer Holiday

I love planning ahead & we have been looking at booking our 2019 holiday for a couple of weeks, & eventually we decided on Salou, Spain! The hotel we are going to is amazingly child friendly with so much going on. We are going with all my family for ten nights & I can’t bloody wait. It felt so surreal booking it & putting Teddy down for being over two. OVER TWO. What the fuck?! I am so unbelievably excited to see our children playing together in the sun.

Obviously me, Aaron & Teddy have Greece before then, in July & we have also booked to go to Wales with Haven in October, the same as we did last year (although a different park) and my sister has actually tagged on! So we will get a taste for Salou 2019 slightly early… only less sun..

The Greatest Showman Soundtrack

Need I say more? I have been obsessed with this soundtrack for months but since watching the film at the beginning of March, I have fallen in love with it even more. I honestly get goosebumps when I listen to it. Especially This Is Me & A Million Dreams. I instantly feel happier as soon as I listen to the soundtrack. Also Zac Efron back singing…hello High School Musical lover.. *points to self*

Afternoon Tea With My Mum & Sister

For Mothers Day, me & my Sister gave my mum a voucher that treated her to an afternoon tea at this gorgeous Italian café/restaurant. CHILD FREE. We went on a day when Aaron & my brother-in-law wouldn’t be working so we could leave the kids with them & enjoy our cakes in peace. My mum & I opted for a glass of rose wine with ours, cos ya know.. did you read the part where I mentioned that I was child free? LARGE WINE POR FAVOR!

It was lovely to be out just us three with no distractions. We had a lovely catch up and just relaxed. It made me realise that we need to do it more often.

Quality Time With Aaron

Aaron has been on holiday from work this month & it’s been exactly what I needed! We’ve been out for meals, on family days out & binge watched Big Little Lies together in the evenings. Now I am back at work our time together seems quite fleeting. The days fly by and once Aaron (or myself) get home from work & we’ve done the bedtime routine, we are both pooped and ready for bed ourselves. Having a baby has definitely changed our relationship & sure, we might not get as much quality time together as we used to but we appreciate the time we do get together all the more now.

I hope you have had a lovely March? I’d love to know what has made you happy this month? Can you believe it’s almost April!!!!!

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  1. Certainly not selfish, us mums need time to reflect on our lives that aren’t baby/child related. We’re still our own people and need to have time for things we enjoy without our babies being involved!
    Much love, Caitylis x x

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