Baby’s First Easter Basket

Easter BasketEaster Basket

Easter is one of my favourite celebrations. Purely for the chocolate. Soz Jesus. I’d like to say I am one of those people that only has Easter eggs at Easter but i’d be lying. I actually start tucking into the delicious (unfortunately hollow) eggs as soon as they enter the shops. I blame the fact that you can pick them up for as little as £1! My go-to is the Mini Egg’s one, I actually had a craving for Mini Eggs when I was heavily pregnant with Teddy. Well… that’s what I told Aaron anyway. BUY ME MINI EGGS BITCH!!!!

I am so excited for Teddy’s first Easter and after the success of his Christmas Eve Box – I say success, he was seven months old and couldn’t give two shits – I decided to carry on the tradition for different celebrations. I missed Valentines day because i’m useless but there was no way in hell I was forgetting a celebration of chocolate. YUM.

I picked all of his bits & pieces up for less than £5 each, except his personalised bunny tag and you can find them all in so many bargain shops – mainly Home Bargains! It looks like Easter has thrown up inside it & I fucking love it.

Childrens easter books


If you follow me on social media you will know that I am a huge book lover & I am trying to encourage (read as: forcing) Teddy to love books too. At the minute he really isn’t interested in being read to but I have found that the books he does enjoy & will actually entertain are the “That’s Not My…” range, he instantly goes to feel the different textures and turns the pages/tries eating the corners & he also loves lift the flap books! I had a good look on Amazon (which is my go to when I want to pick Teddy some books up) and decided to buy THAT’S NOT MY BUNNY , SPOT’S FIRST EASTER & my absolute favourite WE ARE GOING ON A EGG HUNT , it has the most beautiful illustrations and i’m not going to lie… I actually don’t want Teddy to touch it with his podgy little hands. WE LOOK WITH OUR EYES NOT OUR HANDS!


Now, I know this may seem “controversial”, I mean what isn’t in the parenting world? *cue eye roll* but Teddy loves a good bit of chocolate. Just like his Mama. I mean, what kind of MONSTER would I be to deprive my first born son a little bit of edible heaven?! His favourite are the little individual Milky Bar bars that come in a multi-pack, so I decided to pick him up the little Milky Bar cow & hen. They are only small & perfect for little chocoholics.


I spotted this gorgeous personalised wooden bunny tag on Instagram – a small business – Fox + Weave. They have the most beautiful wooden items, including tags, birth announcements & banners. I wanted to put something in Teddy’s Easter basket that he could keep & this fit the bill perfectly.


Easter wouldn’t be complete without a set of baby sized bunny ears & you bet your ass I am planning a little at-home photo shoot with Teddy, his bare ass & bunny ears. That sounded cuter in my head.. I also picked up a huge stick of bubbles from Home Bargains, I think they were only £1.89 and they are already a hit! He has a love for cuddly toys and loves snuggling them so when I spotted this super soft chick, I knew I had to get it! Another Home Bargains purchase..

Are you excited for Easter? What is your favourite Easter egg to receive?!





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  1. That little bunny tag though ?? xx

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