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Now that January is FINALLY over, after what feels like 211 days, a lot of peoples thoughts have turned to Valentines Day! Aaron & I have haven’t done anything special for a good few years now, however when we first got together I loved making a little fuss & buying presents. I think the novelty of having my very first ‘proper’ boyfriend took over, where as now I really don’t see the big deal. I am going to get Teddy a card and a little something because..well..why the hell not. He’s my number one tiny human.

I have a whole host of present ideas in this post for various people, including; him, her or your best gal pal (Rachel Green..I couldn’t help myself, I’ve been watching A LOT of FRIENDS).

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GRAPEFUIT AND MAY CHANG CANDLE//£14.15 – This candle is absolutely stunning and smells incredible! They are hand-poured in Ireland, made from natural soya-wax. It includes notes of grapefruit, lemon & mandarin, which gives the candle a gorgeous citrus-fresh scent.

ENGRAVED WRIST WATCH//£49.99 – This would be the PERFECT gift for the lady in your life, whether that be a girlfriend or your best friend. I love that you can have it personalised with any message on the back, so you can make it extra special. You can pick from a selection of fonts for your engraved message & from either a pink or brown watch strap. I had the back of my watch engraved with the message “Ever Thine, Ever Mine, Ever Ours” which is one of my all time favourite quotes (brownie points to anyone who can name the tv series/film this is from!) If you head on over to GIFTSONLINE4U, there is a huge selection of engraved gift ideas; ranging from compact mirrors, wine glasses & trinket boxes. I’m actually eyeing up an engraved vase for mothers day. Not that I ever got bought flowers..AARON?!! I usually opt for larger watches with a bigger face on them but I love the daintiness of this one & it’s really comfortable on my wrist.

7th HEAVEN COMPLETE PAMPER PACKAGE//£19.99 – Who WOULDN’T love a huge box of pamper products for Valentines Day, or any other day for that matter?! Being a mummy to a demanding boob loving he-beast, I don’t get much time to myself and gone are the days of spending an hour slowly pampering, which is why these masks are PERFECT. I’ve been using the 7th Heaven range for years now and it has always been a firm favourite for a quick pick me up for my skin. This gift set comes with a range of face & hair masks, foot, hand & nail treatments and also a flannel, headband and shower pom-pom.

Valentines Day

Valentines Day

HUGO BOSS UNDERWEAR SET//£34.00 – When it comes to any sort of gift giving for the men in my life, you can never go wrong with underwear! I don’t know how but Aaron’s socks always go bloody missing so you can guarantee that every year he gets a set of socks and boxers, which is why this Hugo Boss set is perfect!

BE MINE VASELINE//£2.99 – This is more of a little treat you could buy yourself, from you to you! Vaseline is a staple, especially at this time of year (my lips are currently dry as fuckkkkk) and it is made that little bit more special with the fact you can have your name on it.


SO DIVINE HALO BULLET//£7.99 – Now we are all grown ups here & I don’t know about you but there’s nothing wrong with adding a little bit of… your life! Whether you buy this for your best girl friend or your partner, this silicone bullet is the perfect addition.

WANDERLUST ON WHEELS//GIFT VOUCHER – This is my idea of the perfect gift! Why not book a weekend away in a refurbished VW wagon, situated in Altrincham, fits two sleeping adults or can seat 5 with seatbelts. “Pearl” has running water, a gas hob and fridge. Everything is included to ensure you have everything you need for a relaxing break, including a memory foam mattress (that I am HIGHLY jealous of!) If you decide to book some time away, quote FROM RACHAEL CLAIRE and you will receive a discount!

   valentines day

Pinkster Gin//£33.95 – Gin is currently the ‘in’ thing it would seem & every Tom, Dick & Twatting Harry is drinking it. Gone are the days of the overhyped prosecco, thank Christ, it’s all about the gin. I’ve never been a lover of gin HOWEVER there is something about this particular brand that I really like. It is infused with real raspberries so it has a delicious fruity taste, mixed with lemonade (cos i’m classy as fuck) it actually tastes really good! So refreshing.

baker days cake//£27.99 – If all else fails, cake is ALWAYS the answer, and what better gift than a cake that fits through your LETTERBOX?! Seriously, I think this is the best thing that has ever entered my life, aside from Teddy OBVS, but it’s a close second. You can pick any design, which size sponge you’d like & which recipe you’d have ranging from traditional sponge, gluten wheat free and more! I am actually running a competition on my Instagram to win one of these cakes, so head on over to enter!

valentines day

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