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What My Nine Month Old Eats In A Week: Baby Led Weaning

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BABY LED WEANING - NINE MONTHS OLD  baby led weaning - nine months old

Teddy has been weaning now since he was six months old and if you read my first weaning post you will know that we have been doing baby led weaning. I’m so glad we went down the baby led route as it’s made things so much easier for us as a family and it’s also so much fun! I had to sit on my hands for the first couple of weeks but Teddy has taken to it like a trooper and I’ve definitely relaxed fully. It’s so good watching him explore different foods and eat together as a family. Teddy is 9 and a half months old, and currently on three meals a day with at least one snack. I thought I would share a full week of Teddy’s meals and snacks so you can hopefully gain some ideas or inspiration. I also hope it will give you more of an insight into baby led weaning & finger foods.



BREAKFAST; Cheerios & scrambled egg. He prefers his cereal dry so we usually just put it onto his highchair tray & he picks them up. Cereals such as Cheerios are great for your baby to practice the pincer grip!

LUNCH; Baked oats, Organix cheese & herb puffs (usually a small handful) and a apricot fromage frais.


TEA; Pasta with homemade vegetable sauce, half a bar of a small milky bar chocolate and green grapes.


BREAKFAST; Scrambled egg & toast with a banana.

LUNCH; (We were out for lunch at Franie & Benny’s so grabbed one of the baby meals off the menu) Ella’s Kitchen Spag Bol 10months+, Heinz chocolate biscotti and some Organix spicy tomato crisp.

TEA; Half a jacket potato with cheese & beans, half a milky bar and raspberries.


BREAKFAST; Baked oats, cheerios and raspberries.

SNACK; Heinz biscotti.

LUNCH; Pasta with homemade veg sauce, Kiddylicious strawberry wafer and half a banana.

TEA; Stir fry, broccoli, prawn cracker and homemade frozen yoghurt drops.



BREAKFAST; Scrambled egg and spaghetti

SNACK; Frozen yoghurt drops.

LUNCH; Homemade tomato, cheese & ham pinwheels, slices of red pepper and a banana.

SNACK; Quavers

TEA; Fish finger, potato waffle and broccoli. Aaron was working the late shift so I wanted to cook something quick & easy for Teddy & I.


BREAKFAST; Half a pain au chocolat, raspberries and cheerios

LUNCH; Cheese & ham toastie, quavers and grapes.

TEA; Vegetable pasta bake, pepper slices & grapes.


BREAKFAST; Scrambled egg and a banana.

LUNCH; Potato waffle with cheese and spaghetti, quavers & slice of watermelon.

TEA; Pinwheels (same as before), biscotti and yoghurt drops.


BREAKFAST; Baby French toast and banana.

SNACK; two orange flavoured rice cakes (from Boot’s own snack range).

LUNCH; Laughing Cow cheese dippers, Organix cheese & herb puffs and biscotti.

TEA; Baked oats, watermelon, fromage frais and quavers.

My favourite place to gather inspiration for recipes, especially for baby led weaning is on PINTEREST and INSTAGRAM. My favourite Instagram accounts at the moment are AT THE TABLE WITH TOBY, ZAYNS PLATE & WEAN WITH RUBY, they post such amazing recipes and pictures with easy to follow instructions attached.

If you head on over to my lovely friends website, Amy Jane & Baby, she has written a similar post all about what her 1 year old eats in a week! Great for ideas of what to make slightly older babies.



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