Master Bedroom Redecorating & Plans.

master bedroom

If you read my Baby Boy Nursery Wishlist, you will know that we are currently in the midst of redecorating our house & although the downstairs is pretty much done, the upstairs has been slightly neglected!

We had our bedroom plastered and gave it a quick lick of paint but we found out we were expecting Teddy, so our room got abandoned and we focussed on his room & making sure it was ready for his arrival. I don’t know who we were fucking kidding, he’s nine months old and has never spent the night in there.

Now that his room is almost done (I say almost because I don’t think i’ll ever be done adding new bits & tweaking things here and there) we have started focussing our attentions back to our bedroom. Our furniture is all pretty new so it’s more a case of giving it a fresh lick of paint, making it feel more cosy & relaxed.


We currently have in built cupboards on one side of our bedroom, one is shelves on the inside so we use that for towels, bedding & bags ect, then we have a double cupboard which we use as a wardrobe. They look a lot better since we updated the handles and painted them white last year but i’d essentially love to knock them out and have built in wardrobes with mirrored, sliding doors .


Our bedroom is currently a light grey which I loved at the time, but our bedroom is quite big and the light walls with the white furniture makes it seem so large & empty. I prefer my rooms to feel cosy and comfortable, especially with the craziness of motherhood. I want my bedroom & living room (the rooms I spend the most time in) to be a relaxing space where I can fully unwind (when the he-beast is asleep, OBVS). We have decided to go with a slightly darker grey (Farrow & Ball Downpipe FYI) which we think will make the white furniture stand out a little more and give the illusion that the room is slightly smaller.


We currently have one main light in our bedroom but eventually I would love to have spotlights. I just prefer the light they give off and the effect of lots of small lights rather than one big one.. I’d also LOVE lights inside our wardrobes but you know… I don’t CRAP money so that’s not going to be happening.. a girl can dream!


Since we bought this house (it’ll be four years this September) we’ve never put pictures or shelves up on our bedroom walls! I think because we’ve just never gotten round to it, I have no idea why. I think deep down I knew I wasn’t happy with it, I didn’t feel motivated to make an effort with it and add a personal touch. As I mentioned above, I really want to make the bedroom more cosy and personal this year and once the walls have been painted, the first thing I will be doing is putting up our pictures and frames we have stashed away & saved.


We currently have a basic cream carpet in our room that was put in brand new before we bought the house and it was in the front room, dining room, spare bedroom (now Teddy’s and landing/stairs. We have updated our living room carpet, put wooden flooring down in the dining room and Teddy’s room but we’ve never had the funds spare to get our bedroom done. As I said, it is a large space and won’t be cheap to do but we are saving up and hopefully we’ll have it done before the end of the year. I would absolutely LOVE a really soft, deep carpet in a gorgeous silvery grey/almost lilac colour. One day…


I would love to know how you make your rooms feel more cosy? Any tips would be much appreciated.

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