Teddy’s Seven Month Update.

Baby seven month update -6

Baby seven month update-6


This is the first time that I’ve genuinely felt sad that my baby is getting bigger. SEVEN months? I feel like I’ve blinked and the months have flown by me. I wish I could go back. Back to my newborn baby and hold him a little longer, I’ve mentioned before that I feel like I spent so much of the early days nervous or worried, that it overshadowed the excitement & I didn’t appreciate it enough.

Every month his personality is showing even more! He is such a cheeky little character & loves attention, we can’t even go to his swimming lesson without him batting his baby blues at the little girl in his class. He must think there’s summat in that baby crawl he does through the water…
He’s also a very chatty little boy, always shouting or babbling away to himself. He tells some right little tales. When we go to baby groups you’ll always hear him before you see him. He is also sitting up completely unaided and he acts as if he’s been doing it forever, he sits there with a huge grin on his face as if to say “look at me, I don’t need you now PEASANTS”.

Baby seven month update-4

baby seven month update-3

He’s discovered that he can make trumping noises with his mouth & when we are out and about he makes everyone laugh as you can hear him from his pram. He is finally happy chilling in his pram and loves having a nosy at the world as we push him, I think he’d actually love being forward facing in his pram, but Mama isn’t ready for that! I love looking at his little face all bundled up whilst pushing him.

If you read Teddy’s Six Month Update, we have started Baby Led Weaning properly this month and it’s so been so exciting! It’s definitely not quite like I expected, but you can expect a blog post on that very soon. I like to buy new things every week on the shopping, whether that is a new fruit or some baby snacks. I want to keep things as interesting as I can and let him explore the different tastes & textures. It’s obviously a very slow process and where as he doesn’t actually EAT much, he’s giving everything a good go & so far he’s tried everything we have offered him.

baby seven month update2

Baby seven month update1

Teddy’s Seventh Month..


Teddy is still breastfed and loving that titty life, however he has now started weaning! we have eased into it just trying different snacks every other day and he also has tea with us at the table a couple of times a week. We didn’t want to throw him into it too quickly and because we are doing baby led weaning, it’s also quite nerve wracking for us! So far he loves any snack from Ella’s Kitchen, in particular the Carrot & Sweetcorn Melty Sticks. He also loves watermelon & strawberries.

Not overly fantastic. He settles a lot easier, usually going down about 7:30 but he usually wakes up about two hours later & then he is usually really unsettled until about 11ish, where he will come into bed with us. He’ll either only wake up once more or he could be up nine times! It really does vary every single night. Safe to say this Mama is very tired.

Teddy Loves:

His swimming lessons! He is such a confident water baby and I absolutely love it that we get to take him every week and watch him learn new things and splash around. They broke up last week for the Christmas holidays which makes me sad but also REALLY excited that it means Christmas is so close!

Teddy Hates:

TEETHING! & I can’t say I blame him. His two top teeth have JUST come through and my god, don’t we all know about it. His bottom two teeth came through with hardly any issues but his top teeth have given him (and us) so much grief.

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