How To Cope With Teething & Top Tips.

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There are many things you prepare yourself for when you have a baby; sleepless nights, lots of poopy nappies, emotional breakdowns (from both them & you!). However one thing I forget to think about until it was too late, was the fact that my gummy baby will grow teeth! Teddy actually got his bottom two teeth through at three months old and they came through reasonably easy with very little disturbance so I didn’t feel too badly about it and figured that was the worst of it. Oh how very wrong I was! His top two teeth came through at six months and now (at almost eight months) two more teeth have popped through at the top. I thought we might get a little break between his teething but these top four have literally come through back to back.

They have caused him so much more upset than the bottom two, and he’s been really unsettled! However as he teethed so early on we did manage to pick up some tips & tricks that worked for us and also some products/medicines that really helped and have made things SLIGHTLY easier. Here are my tips on how to cope with teething.

Calpol & Ibuprofen will be your best friend! Especially at bedtime. Teddy would be so unsettled and would cry for hours before falling asleep on either me or Aaron, I found that giving him a dose of medicine definitely helped take the edge off and soothed his little gums.

Sudocrem* has been a absolute saviour! With teething comes horrific teething nappies, the amount of times I had to change Teddy due to a shit-splosion was unbelievable. His little bum gets so sore, so nappy cream is always at hand when we change his nappy. We pair this with Metanium, which we apply a really thick layer of at bedtime after his bath, and they both work amazingly together. 

Anbesol Liquid is a recommendation I spotted online and it’s the best thing we use! I use this during the day if he is rubbing his gums & upset, rather than using Calpol ect. This is only available behind the counter at chemists but we just asked for it & told them it was for teething, and they handed it over no problems. All you do is apply some to a CLEAN little finger and rub on their gums over the teething area. It numbs the gum almost instantly, so it’s perfect for helping and soothing them.


Matchstick Monkey* Teddy loves chewing anything he can get his hands on, so teething toys are absolutely ideal! These little monkeys are the perfect size and shape for babies to grip and get their teeth onto. They are designed especially to reach the source of pain with bumps on the back of their heads.

Nibbling Teething Pram Mobile* I find the hardest part of teething is when we are out & about, and we don’t have our usual remedies to hand, so the teething pram mobile is perfect as it clips onto the pram so you don’t have to worry about losing it. The mobile is made up with a mix of medical grade silicone beads with untreated hand polished maple wood beads, it also comes with a removable rattle ring teething toy.


Teething Ring I picked up these teething ring through an independent seller on Instagram and I absolutely love it. Similar to the pram mobile, you get a mixture of wooden and silicone beads, which you can choose a range of colours from. We also picked this lovely wooden elephant but you can also have a star, unicorn or flower shape! Laura also sells dummy clips which you can have personalised!

Muslin Cloths are something that I never got the fuss about, whether it’s because Teddy was never a sicky baby or what, I don’t know. But we bought so many and have hardly used them! However one tip is to grab yourself a muslin cloth, wet 3/4 of it under the tap (you need to leave a little bit for your baby to be able to hold onto!) then wring it out so it isn’t dripping wet, fold it up into quarters then place it in a sandwich bag in the freezer. Leave it for an hour or two or until it’s slightly hard! The hard texture is what will provide some relief.
I hope you find these teething tips helpful and that they might provide your little one some comfort. I’d love to know if you have any go-to tricks that help when your baby is teething?

*This post contains gifted items. All opinions and wording is my own!

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