Baby Boy Nursery Wishlist

Baby Boy Nursery Wishlist

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Baby Boy Nursery Wishlist



From the moment we started redecorating Teddy’s bedroom, it has been my favourite room in the house. Due to the fact we didn’t know the sex of the baby, we left it quite basic & plain. We knew we would want to add more personalised decoration with the baby’s name ect. I did post a NURSERY SNEAK PEEK post just before Teddy arrived.

There is something so calm and relaxing about his bedroom, I instantly feel content once I am in there. He has been sleeping in our bedroom (I say the term SLEEPING, loosely) since he was born but now that we are slowly getting ready to transition him to his own bedroom, I want to make it more personal and cosy for him. I don’t know why, it’s not like he’ll give a shit, but that will be his bedroom for a very long time and I want it to be perfect.

Over the past couple of months I have slowly been picking up more decorative bits including; prints,  a pom pom garland a gorgeous dream catcher made by my lovely friend Hanna. However there are still some things I want to add, so I thought I would share my baby boy nursery wish list!


Shutters; I would have shutters all over my house if I could afford it! There is something so classic about them that I really love. Teddy’s nursery is lacking curtains & blinds, we just haven’t gotten around to it, but as we are getting ready to move him in there to sleep, it’s something we seriously need to start thinking about. I would love to invest in some white wooden shutters, I know they aren’t the most practical but they just look so damn good.


Nursing Chair; As I have just mentioned, we are getting ready to move Teddy into his nursery & one piece of furniture we don’t have is a comfy chair for feeding him. At the minute I feed him on our bed and he’ll either go into his crib (for about five minutes, let’s not pretend) or in our bed. The plan is to bath him like normal, then take him into his room, put his sleeping bag on & then feed him to sleep in there. I’m not planning on paying mega-bucks and I have my eye on a chair from Ikea that I’ve tested out and looks lovely.
TeePee; I know, I know. He’s eight months old, do I really need a tee-pee? The answer to that would be YOU BET I FUCKING DO! I think they are so cosy and look lovely decorated with fairy lights, lots of comfy cushions & snuggly throws. I would love for him to use it as a little reading nook when he’s bigger, or for us both to climb in (i’m only little, it’s just as much for me as it is for him) and read a book together.


Weave Wall Hanging; As I have said we have already picked up some lovely decorative bits for his walls, including prints & a pom pom garland but one thing I have been seeing everywhere at the minute are gorgeous weaves and how lucky am I, that my lovely friend Hanna (along with the dreamcatcher and garland) is also making me one of these! I have sent across the colours & styles I like, and I know she will get it just right. You can find Hanna’s shop on Instagram


 That is my baby boy nursery wish list! For the minute anyway, I am always wanting to add new pieces and changing my mind! I’d love to know what is a must have for your little one’s bedrooms? Is there anything you are dying to add or change?

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